Lebanon as arena of external players' confrontation

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The damage from the explosion reaches $ 10-20 billion
09:00, 13 August 2020


As for today, 220 people became victims of the explosion in the port of Beirut. More than 6,000 people are injured, 110 are considered missing.

The damage from the explosion reaches $ 10-20 billion. Over 300,000 people have lost a roof over their heads.

According to the local authorities, the explosion actually destroyed the tourist sector of Beirut: up to 100,000 people could lose their jobs, about 10,000 objects of the tourist sector were damaged by the blast wave. The losses of the tourism sector are estimated at more than $ 1 billion.

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The international community has so far managed to raise only $ 300 million for humanitarian aid to Lebanon. The World Food Program sends 50,000 tons of flour to Beirut. There is nowhere to store wheat, so it was decided to bring flour.

The investigation into the explosion is proceeding slowly, mainly due to the intense fighting that unfolded around it, both among the main political parties and from outside players. Just before its resignation, Hassan Diab's government brought the bombing case over to the Supreme Court, an alternative to the international investigation pushed by France.

Immediately after the resignation, publications appeared in the Western media that Lebanese President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister Hassan Diab allegedly knew about the presence of 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate in warehouses in the port, which could explode due to poor storage conditions.

On the one hand, if this is true, it underscores the terrible state of total irresponsibility. On the other hand, this is a clear pass on to the opponents of the government and the president. The ground is being prepared for further delegitimization of the authorities before the early elections, an attempt to throw all the blame on the current officials.

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Spontaneous rallies and clashes with the police continue in Beirut. The scale is much smaller than on August 8, and the protests are no longer as coordinated and organized. They do not have leaders, as well as a single political center.

At the political level, consultations have begun on a new prime minister and the holding of early parliamentary elections. So far, there are no intermediate results, parties are determined with their positions and candidates.

Lebanon is increasingly turning into an arena of confrontation between various external players, and on different tracks and on various issues, ranging from the election of a new government and the adoption of the electoral law to the investigation of the explosion and the struggle for control over the financial establishment.

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