Lawyer on Sentsov’s condition: His arms and legs go numb

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He also claimed that the recently published pictures of the Ukrainian do not reflect the real situation
18:30, 10 August 2018

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Oleg Sentsov, Ukrainian political prisoner is in a bad condition. He was offered to go to a hospital but he thinks he can be force-fed there. Lawyer Dmytro Dinze claimed this, Meduza reports.

‘He is feeling bad, mostly lies in bed and rarely walks. According to the medical grounds, blood cells are not reproduced, the hemoglobin is low, anemia developed, his arms and legs are going numb. His pulse rapidly decreased down to 40 bpm twice, and both times he was offered to go to a hospital. He waived the hospitalization because the conditions he is offered are worse than those he is in now,’ he said.

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According to the lawyer, the hospital wanted to tie him up to bed and insert an artificial nutrition. Also, they wanted to terminate his hunger strike by force-feeding him. Dinze also told that Oleg is having a medical mixture to stay conscious and control everything is happening to him.

‘I asked him: ‘If you pass out and they will take you there forcibly?’ He replied to me: ‘This is why I am voluntarily having the mixture. To continue the hunger strike and stay conscious to not turn out to be in a hospital, where they want to carry out certain activities against me without my knowledge and consent,’ Sentsov’s lawyer quoted.

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Dmytro Dinze also noted that Sentsov started having the mixture three weeks ago.

‘Consumption of the mixture in proper quantities gives a long time to last. Unfortunately, according to the agreement of Oleg with the Administration is having it enough to stay in a hunger strike. He is not having the mixture in big amounts. He's negotiating every gram of the mixture to stay in the hunger strike. It is his choice though, unfortunately,’ he said.

Apart from that, the lawyer commented the pictures of Oleg published by the Ukrainian Ombudsman Lyudmyla Denisova. He claimed that the pictures do not reflect the full picture. Sentsov looks worse.

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‘He wasn’t asked to take things off and to show his body. It is clear that the prison uniform is hanging on him. Either the uniform makes a person to look fat or it hangs like on the rack. From the picture, we can see that he had greatly lost weight. He is not showing his chest and stomach. It would impress us more. He was asked to just stand, and so he did. And a picture of him was taken,’ he added.

Reportedly, Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia Tetiana Moskalkova sent pictures of the Ukrainian political prisoner Oleg Sentsov to Lyudmyla Denisova. According to her, Sentsov is active. He watches TV, reads books and writes something from time to time.

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Earlier, Natalia Kaplan, sister of Oleg Sentsov stated that she received a letter from the Ukrainian. Sentsov said he is not getting up from a bed and the end is near.

Reportedly, Oleg Sentsov was detained by Russian intelligence agencies in Crimea on May 2014. Later he was sentenced to 20 years of the colony under the accusation of terrorist activity on the territory of Crimea. Oleg does not admit his guilt. 

Sentsov declared a hunger strike with a requirement to release all Ukrainian political prisoners in the Russian Federation. 

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At the end of June, Ludmyla Denisova claimed that a priest wasn’t allowed to visit Sentsov.  

Reportedly, Kolchenko declared a hunger strike on May 31, requiring the release of Oleg Sentsov. He had to suspend the strike, as he got very weak. 

Kolchenko and Sentsov were detained by Russian intelligence services in Crimea in May 2014. They were accused of the organization of a terrorist act on the peninsula. Kolchenko was sentenced to 10 years of the colony, Sentsov to 20 years. Both are denying their guilt.

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Recently, Sentsov’s lawyer stated on the deterioration of his condition. He has a very low hemoglobin, which led to anemia, as well as a very low pulse. Oleg has a bad heart, he was asked twice to be taken to a hospital.

However, the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in Yamalo-Nenets County claimed that the medical staff examines Sentsov on daily basis, and his condition is satisfactory. Furthermore, according to the lawyer of the political prisoner, the Chief Doctor of the Hospital in Labytnangi city was threatening Oleg Sentsov by tying up and drugging him with medicine and artificial nutrition.  

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