Law on Education comes into force in Ukraine

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It provides wage increase for teachers, Ukrainian language for all students and 12 years of studying at school
12:46, 28 September 2017

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The law #2145-VII on education came into force in Ukraine on September 28.

This law provides 12 years of education for pupils:

- for elementary education since September 1, 2018;

- for basic secondary education since September 1, 2022;

- for specialized secondary education since September 1, 2027.

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The term of getting the specialized secondary education for all applicants will be three years only since September 1, 2027. It is possible to get such education before this date only according to the decision of the Ministry of Education. For example if there is a proper standard of the specialized secondary education or a proper typical education program.

The state final assessment is implemented after the end of the elementary, secondary and high school. It can be held in the form of the external independent testing, however, the pupils of the elementary school will pas it only for the evaluation of the level of knowledge.

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The law devotes a lot of attention for the children with disabilities. The inclusive and special groups and forms are created after the request of persons with special needs and their parents. The categories of persons with special education needs will be determined by the acts of the Ukrainian government. The correctional and ampliative components can also be included to the education programs.

The law obliges the educational institutions to inform about their work, particularly at the websites or the websites of the founders. It is obliged to publish the documents that show the permit for learning activity and other peculiarities such as the language of education, admission regulations, suitability of the institutions for the children with special needs, the list of the additional (paid) services and prices for them.

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The document provides the creation of the website with the schoolbooks for the pupils. It is a work of the Ministry of Education. The electronic books and books in the digital format should be in the free access. Moreover, the books and schoolbooks made for a state price should be published at the website by the developers.

The wage increase for the teachers and lecturers is also provided by the law but not at once. The wages of the teachers will be increased at least to the three-time minimal wages since January 1, 2018 and the academic and pedagogical workers will get in one-quarter more.

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The norms of the extra charge for the employment years for the teachers and academic and pedagogical workers will come into force since September 28.

- people who worked more that three years will get 10% of the wage;

- people who worked more that ten years will get 20% of the wage;

- people who worked more that 20 years will get 30% of the wage;

The teachers and lecturers will get a right for extra charge in the sum of 20% from the wage every month since 2019 if they gained the certification and have the proper document.

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The language of the education for the national minorities is the Ukrainian language.

The law does not provide the existence of the schools with education in the languages of the national minorities and core nations. It is still possible to create the separate groups at the kindergartens and forms at schools with the education in the language of the national minority along with the education in the Ukrainian language.

The higher education institution can create the conditions for learning the languages of the national minorities as the separate discipline under the request of the students.

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The exemption requirement is the pupils of the national minorities who began their studying before September 1, 2018. They will be able to study by former rules until September 1, 2020 and then the amount of the subjects that are taught in the Ukrainian language will increase step by step.

Moreover, the document contains such norms:

- The teacher at the kindergarten, school or higher education institution can be without specialized education.

If person got the higher, specialized secondary or professional-technical education by other profession then teacher, the law allows person to work as teacher for one year. The person will be obliged to gain certification to continue the teaching.

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The school teachers will be obliged to gain certification according to the qualification criteria.

- The assessment of the teachers will take place every five years.

The pedagogues will be obliged to gain the assessment every five years. There is also an alternative because the pedagogue can gain the certification on own solution and receive the document for three years. The teachers and lecturers will get a right for extra charge in the sum of 20% from the wage every month since 2019 if they gained the certification and have the proper document

- The 13th wage and payments for the best teachers.

The law provides the annual reward in the sum of one wage for the dedicated work and the 13th wage for the health improvement during the annual vacation.

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- Teachers, lecturers and academic workers will work out their own educational programs.

The education reform attaches the right of the teachers and the academic and pedagogical workers to work out and implement their own education programs, projects, education methods and technologies, means. First of all, the issue is about the methods of the competency-based education.

- The graduates visually impaired will be able to get the diploma with Braille script.

- The qualification centers will check the knowledge individually received.

The law provides the creation of the qualification centers that will check and recognize the knowledge received by the self-education.

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- The boarding schools for orphans will become the children's home.

The boarding schools for orphans and children with need for a social help are planned to be changed in the children's houses until December 31, 2021 and passed under the tutelage of the Ministry of Social Policy. The regional councils, the city council of Kyiv and Sevastopil can decide that some boarding schools will become the institutions for education or social protection.

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- Number of children in the forms.

The forms of the city schools should have not more than 30 pupils and the forms of the village schools should have not less than five pupils. If there are less than five pupils in form then they will study individually or in other way.

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