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In the light of Clinton-Trump debates in the US, the two Americans met in Kyiv to hold their expatriates’ debates
08:22, 28 September 2016

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In the light of Clinton-Trump debates in the US, the two Americans met in Kyiv to hold their expatriates’ debates in Ukraine.

Bryan Bonner, the chief editor of the Kyiv post, a Ukrainian English-language newspaper, the moderator of the debates, called him a “very bias moderator, being a liberal democrat” from the state of Minnesota. He stated right on the spot that he believes “Donald Trump represents a greatest threat to our democracy”. However, he warmly welcomed the debaters, encouraged by the supportive audience represented by both the Americans and the Ukrainians, as well as by the representatives of some European and Asian countries.

Reno Domenico, the President of the Ukrainian chapter of Democrats Abroad represented Hillary Clinton and non-partisan Jonathan Roseland, a businessmen form Colorado, stood up for Donald Trump, actually the only person who was willing to speak for the Republicans.

Here are some welcome words from the opponents.

Reno Domenico: "Hillary Clinton is as President Obama said, the most qualified person ever to run for the President of the United States. It’s the most prepared person.”

Jonathan Roseland: “I hate war. And if there’s one thing that I’m really ashamed of my country for it’s that my country has been at war with the rest of the world for so long. The smoldering bodies that have resulted from the foreign policy of the United States for the last 20 years would form a mountain that would reach to the sky. And it has accomplished nothing. Hillary Clinton certainly means more war for the world.” got some exclusive comments.

What are the benefits for the Ukrainian businesses in case he wins the elections? You were talking Trump’s business we all know that he made a great success in business. 

Jonathan Roseland: "I don’t think his acumen as a businessman is going to affect Ukraine that much. I think that primary benefit with him is stability, it’s that he’s not in the business of war. And what we see with the Democrats and the Republicans with this Washington establishment is that... What they do is they find these proxy wars. Like what they are doing in Syria, whether Russians are giving money and support the Assad’s side of Syria and then the US is giving money and support and military resources to the other side of the war. I think this is such a gross thing. We’re not even fighting around wars. What we are doing is just destroying other parts of the world by trying to manipulate them. And that's something that the Democrats and Republicans both have been doing it, That's something that Donald Trump. It does not benefit him to do that. So I don't think that Donald Trump is going to come and build a Trump Tower in Kyiv, though it would be awesome, I'd love that. But I think that primary benefit is just that he is going to be a source of stability."

What about Trump ignored Poroshenko during the UNGA?

Jonathan Roseland: "Poroshenko actually invited him for a meeting, and he didn't attend it. People are saying the primary reason is that Poroshenko is pretty corrupt and an incompetent leader." 

Trumps position is pretty much about destroying the existing order - NATO and EU can no longer guarantee the things they should guarantee. What Republicans offer instead, what are the alternatives?

Jonathan Roseland: "I guess I'm typical Trump's supporter cause I do believe in nationalism. I believe in countries being self-determined. I was watching all those documentaries about the WWI and they were telling about how one of the main causes of WWI was that they had these blocks. They had an Austro-Hungarian Empire, the English Empire, the French Empire, the Russian Empire. All these empires were fighting against each other and that was the primary cause of this terrible-terrible war that started the most violent century in human history. And now we also see...  Well, we don't have empires any more, but we have these gigantic governments like the US government, Russian Federation, European Union. Have been these governments that big is not good for the rights of the individual countries. That's why I am a nationalist and support Donald Trump." 

So, what are the alternatives to the big governments for guaranteeing peace?

Jonathan Roseland: "On the philosophical level, ideally to have a world that has very small governments and the world that doesn't have fiat banking that allows big countries to do these big wars. And I think that more of nationalism and a little bit more of isolationism is a really important step." 

Being more experienced in politics, what impressions do you have of today's debates?

Reno Domenico: "I think we had a very lovely debates. It was very interesting. I appreciated the fact that Jonathan was here and represented Donald Trump.  And I think I was capable of making the case of why Hillary Clinton should be the next president of the United States."

What should Ukrainian expect of the new president?

Reno Domenico: "I think if Hillary is elected you will see a more robust foreign policy. I think Hillary understands the importance of Ukraine strategically and I think she is a very good handle on both the geopolitical situation in this region having been Secretary of State, having attempted to have this reset policy. I think she understands that something different has to be done in the future. So assuming she wins, I think you'll see a strengthened American policy in this part of th world."

What you mean different?

Reno Domenico: "I think she is more interventionist, she has a tendency to be more willing to use military force."

Democrats Abroad used to do a lot of charity here in Ukraine. Shall the tradition live?

Reno Domenico: "Democrats Abroad is a self-funding volunteer based organization. We have not received any of the financial support or from the party, from the larger party. We haven't received financial support from the Campaign. We're kind of disappointed about that. We wished we could have, but we haven't. We'are on our own."

Do you have good relations with the new US Ambassador to Ukraine?

Reno Domenico: "Personally I have not met her yet."

Cooperation with Republicans?

Reno Domenico: "You've seen some cooperation tonight. If they win the election, we will have to deal with the different group of people. At least the Ambassador will be here, the Ambassador here, an ID program here... You'll be surprised how many things actually don't change when the administrations change. I mean institutionally. The State Department is a State Department. When a new administration comes in, it'll take them four years to clean it out and put their own people there. And then they will have new elections, and by then the world will be on fire. And if Trump would win, by the end there will be no wall with Mexico, none of these things would come true, people will be very angry.. Let's hope it doesn't happen. Statistically, it is at least 40% that Trump will win."

We spoke with Jonathan about big alliances and unions to guarantee peace and security. Republicans question the effectiveness of NATO, EU, etc., suggesting that small governments and nationalism may bring peace into this world. How can you comment on that?

Reno Domenico: "I don't know how really to answer on that. I don't believe they have any plans frankly. I don't know what their plans are, or anything to replace NATO. I don't think they have a slightest idea of how to create NATO. They don't know what they are doing. But they really can do some mess around. Look at the Brexit. Nobody meant it to happen, but it happened. You that the government in Great Britain doesn't want to execute it, what to do with it. But they have to do it. Sooner or later, but they have to do it. They don't know how to do it, but they're going to do it. People who were involved walked away."

The debaters haven't discussed climate control that night, but they hope to do it again if the world is still around in four years.


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