Key witness in NABU director corruption case ready to take a lie detector test

This could be the end of the career of Artem Sytnyk
18:05, 20 November 2019

Artem Sytnyk, the Director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine

The key witness in the NABU director corruption case, Mykola Nadeyko, wants to take a polygraph test to confirm his allegations. On November 22, the court will hear an appeal of Artem Sytnyk, the NABU head, accused of corruption for an expensive vacation, paid for by another person and omitted in his property declaration. This could be the end of the NABU Director career. The key witness in this case, Mykola Nadeyko, wants to take a polygraph test to confirm his allegations. This was reported by the Ukrainian News agency.   

In May, the State Bureau of Investigation opened criminal proceedings against the NABU Director. He was accused of going on a free vacation in the elite Poliske-Sarny farm hunting grounds (Rivne region) whereas his friend, businessman Mykola Nadeyko, paid the bill. Sarny district court of Rivne region found Sytnyk guilty of an administrative offense and fined him for 140 dollars. However, there is yet another trial ahead - the Rivne Court of Appeal is to consider Sytnyk's appeal on November 22. The verdict can put an end to his career. If found guilty of a corruption act, he will be deprived of the right to hold his office. A key witness in the Sytnyk case, Mykola Nadeyko, who had paid for his elite vacation, said he was ready to take a polygraph.

Mr. Nadeyko said this to Obozrevatel news outlet. He said had not filed a police report, but was called as a witness and testified, which was fully confirmed by the financial documents found by the detectives. "I don't know who lodged the statement. I know that they seized accounting documents, conducted investigations, and then the police referred the case to the Sarny District Court. The case was about Sytnyk's rest and the fact he didn't pay for his vacation," Nadeyko said. "I've been acquainted with Artem Sergiyovych since about 2016. We became friends with him. I helped him with this five times, if I'm not mistaken. I organized a vacation, let's say so. For him and his family."

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Mr. Nadeyko also said he had met a witness on Mr. Sytnyk's side, who delivered NABU Director's request for a meeting and urged to change his testimony: "I told Denis I was ready to meet at any time, but I wouldn't change my testimony. I didn't tar anyone, I just told about what had really happened", - Nadeyko said.

He also confirmed being an adviser to Oleg Bakhmatyuk's sister. The businessman is under Mr. Sytnyk's investigation within the VAB bank refinancing case. Recently, Mr. Bakhmatyuk has declared a conflict of interest with Mr. Sytnyk. "Yes, I'm really an adviser to the Avangard company CEO. And I'd started working long before this case was filed. Could Sytnyk be embittered with Bakhmatyuk for this case? I don't exclude it, but I can't say anything."

Mr. Nadeyko says he hates accusations of allegedly slandering Mr. Sytnyk, because his testimony is fully confirmed by the hunting base accounting documents: "If there is any doubt, please, I am ready to prove my allegations, that everything I've said, all my testimonies are absolutely true. I'm dіsgusted with all that trying to make a liar out of me. Ready to pass a lie detector at any time. Is Sytnyk ready to pass a lie detector with me? I don't know. We'll see".

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