Key result of Merkel's visit to Kyiv: West does not care about Ukraine

Author : Volodymyr Shamin

Source : 112 Ukraine

The meeting between president Zelensky and chancellor Merkel in Kyiv has drawn a thick line under Ukraine's dreams of saving the transit of Russian gas to Europe
14:41, 23 August 2021

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The meeting between president Zelensky and chancellor Merkel in Kyiv has drawn a thick line under Ukraine's dreams of saving the transit of Russian gas to Europe.

Zelensky publicly admitted at a briefing that he still does not understand who will provide guarantees for Ukraine's economic security after 2024, when the gas contract with the Russian Federation expires. It looks like there will be no compensation to Ukraine for the commissioning of Nord Stream 2. Instead, Berlin advises Kyiv to develop green energy. And even bad economist Zelensky has already realized that this is just a "scam" of Western partners.

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"We discussed with Madam Chancellor the issue of extending the agreement on gas transit through the territory of Ukraine after 24 years, but so far, I think these are very general things... I want to understand what Ukraine will receive and can lose our state after the 24-year treaty will end, and who gives concrete guarantees to Ukraine," Zelensky disappointedly said at a briefing yesterday. At the same time, he noted that he was offered to introduce the transition of the economy to green energy and the "green" course of Ukraine, but all this requires "a lot of money and a long time."

Earlier Serhiy Makohon, General Director of the Ukrainian Gas Transmission System Operator, stated that the only acceptable option for Ukraine to compensate for the launch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is a new contract for gas transit for 45-50 billion cubic meters of gas per year for the next 15 years. Ukraine presented this thesis to Russia and the West. We were "overboard" on both sides. No one will put pressure on Russia to conclude a contract that is unfavorable for it. Germany, with the direct participation of Merkel, in fact, took away gas transit from Ukraine. Behind Zelensky's back, Biden and Merkel have struck a deal beneficial to the West, not Ukraine. And now we are not even talking about the scanty compensation that was discussed earlier (250 million dollars and 1 billion euros of investments).

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The West knows very well that Ukraine will never switch to green technologies on its own. According to the estimates of the Finnish company Wärtsilä Energy, only the gradual decommissioning of coal-fired power plants in Ukraine could cost about 50 billion euros. That is, depriving Ukraine of transit, Europe, in fact, stabs Ukraine in the back – minus $ 3 billion annually. Our "pipe" will simply become unnecessary and will be cut into scrap metal, and our already stagnating economy will collapse even faster.

For all this, Zelensky awarded Merkel the Order of Freedom, the highest award for foreigners. What a disgrace.

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