Jonathan Roseland, who debated for Republicans in Ukraine, on the results of US elections

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"One of my original influences, which was Donald Trump, to see him become the leader of the free world. It’s a really special moment"
21:04, 15 November 2016

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Now when the elections are over, decided to reach once again the Republican and Democratic representatives leaving in Ukraine, who had already debated together a month ago in the middle of the presidential campaign.

We first talked to Jonathan Roseland, a businessman from Colorado, who stood up for Donald Trump, actually the only person who was willing to speak for the Republicans.

Did you expect the Republicans win?

“Yes, I did. In fact I bet money on it -  I was so certain - but not a ton of money.”

Do you have plans to get involved into politics now when your candidate won, the person you stood and debated for?

“You know, I’m really happy with what I am doing. Can I give you a little bit more personal answer? Ten years ago I got interested in entrepreneurship and personal development. And some of the first books I’ve read, that really inspired me, were Donald Trump’s books. Because his books on business and personal development are actually pretty good books. He has real original things to say. For me it was a tough ten year road. But this year things started to come together for me. Things are coming to fruition. And it is a really sweet irony to see as things are coming together for me on this difficult path I’ve been on, one of my original influences, which was Donald Trump, to see him become the leader of the free world. It’s a really special moment. It’s a really special time for me and I can’t say that there’s been a moment that was quite like this. It’s tremendously inspiring."

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Whom you would like to debate next time?

“There’s a risk that I take, because the people on the opposite side of the political spectrum, the Democratic people, the leftist people, the socialist people... There’s a chance that if I support someone like Trump really conspicuously in front of a lot of people, there’s a chance that they, social justice warriors, are gonna really demonize me, that they’ll call me a racist, a bigot, a fascist, etc. This has happened to a lot of people. So there’s a risk I take when I do a debate, like when I did with Reno, there’s a risk that I take a bunch of crazy people that I’ve never met on the internet will anonymously try to destroy my reputation, and destroy my business, my sources of income, harass my family.. I’ve never experienced this, but people that support candidates like Donald Trump… There is a risk of doing it publicly. This is a big reason why especially in the election in the US, this is why the support of Donald Trump has largely been invisible support. He had a lot of people that wouldn’t voted for him, they selected him, that they were be completely private. They didn’t tell anyone about it, they didn’t tell pollsters about it. They did it just in private because the others, their hysteria, the unreasonable rage, coming from the other side of the political spectrum.”

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About business… Will your business for example benefit from the victory of Republicans?

“I’m in the anti-aging industry. And one of the major challenges that we face in the industry is government regulation, which is the FDA specifically in the United States. There is a company that is trying to develop some awesome new supplement that allows people’s DNA to reproduce better so that we can live longer, live with more vitality. And so the FDA will come along and say you need to hire four attorneys and pay us a million dollars to do this research and sell a product to the public. Trump has indicated that he is going to get rid of the FDA actually. Or he may not get rid of it, you know the politicians can make really bold statements. But it’s likely that he’s gonna pull these regulating agencies back. So this is gonna be a pretty good thing for our industry. So I did have a very pragmatic reason for supporting him. And under Hillary, I’d be worried about the FDA criminalizing some of the smart drugs and biohacking products.”

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Did you hear about anti-Trump protest? Is it possible that the system will be changed? Shall those clashes change anything?

“It’s unfortunate there’s a lot of rage and anger that people have. But I think that in the medium term, in the next four to five years what we’ll see is that economic problems have a manifestation in a racial tensions. We’ll see as more sensical economic policies start working we’ll see that racial tensions decrease. Because in a big country like the US… you know there’s a big difference in the United States, it is really a diverse place. You can walk down the street and you can hear four different languages spoken. And as the economy constricts, the conflict is gonna show up in a racial tension. And I think as we get more common sense, free market things going on under Trump, I think a lot of these racial issues, that seem so scary and bad. I think they are going to resolve themselves. I can’t think of any other example of a country in relatively recent history that was a very rich country that had racial problems. Countries with racial problems are almost always countries that are going through significant economic downturns.”

Did you hear about the Calexit? Is it a joke.

First of all, personally I’d love to see a Calexit. I’d love to see them go and take California and Trump can let them succeed from the union as they agree to pay for a wall around California. And they can go and turn it into socialist “banana republic” country. They can have a limitless welfare state, free healthcare, free college, free apartment, free groceries, free abortions, free birth care, free everything! They can base their economy off geeks developing smartphones aps and people being baristas and people driving Uber-cars. And then the rest of the world can just sit back and see how well that works out for them. And I have a feeling that in about ten years it will be a scene from the movie Black Hawk Down. So, it would be interesting to see as what geeks call an A/B experiment. But it’s just a fad. It’ll be replaced as a hashtag by something absurd that Kim Kardashian does next week.”

 “I think that people all over the world can take Trump being elected as a really positive and optimistic sign. All around the world almost everyone hates their politicians. What Trump’s election proves is that one man, who is very determined, very persistent, can defeat a deeply entrenched, corrupt system. And that’s a really positive sign for every other country in the world, that seems to just have fortresses and walls that are surrounding and protecting their corrupt media, economic and political establishment… That a positive sign that someone can come along and blow all that away. I think the world is really on a good trajectory.”

Which may lay the basis for a new book buy Trump?

“No. This one will be by me.”


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