It is possible to trade with Russia but without economic foolishness

Author : Viktor Bondar

Respondent : Viktor Bondar

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Viktor Bondar - the People's Deputy of Ukraine. Co-chairman of the parliamentary group Partiya Batkivschyna. Member of the Committee on Rules and Organization of the Verkhovna Rada. He graduated from the Kyiv Technical University Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. Candidate of Legal Sciences. Former Minister of Transport and Communications in the government of Yuri Yekhanurov. He was the head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration, as well as the director of the organizational and administrative department of the State Customs Service. He was awarded the Order "For Merit" third degree. Collects custom photos, comic monuments in different cities around the world. Collecting miniature figurines, enjoys IT technologies. He is married and has three sons and a daughter
16:22, 23 November 2015

112 International

Good afternoon, Viktor. What was your budget for the campaign in Kyiv and, in general, throughout the Ukraine?

Bondar: I have not delved into this question, because in party we have each own roles, and each served its purpose. For finances Vitaly Homutynnik was responsible. He's a very wealthy person within the faction and funded the lion's share of campaign. For each area was  separate funding, and the leaders of the campaign were in each region, which they financed by themselves. The campaign in each region was worth, probably 5-10 million USD. That's the minimum.

 - I was told that you had an agreement with Kolomoiskyy and that Kernes appeared through Kolomoiskyy, and that the money of Kolomoiskyy, played a big role there. Will you refuse this?

- And why not with Barack Obama? I often travel to the United States, I have many friends there. In Ukraine, just like all hang tags, to tell where whose people.

 - Person, which is very close to Kolomoisky, Svyatoslav Oliynyk, suddenly became a part of your campaign. You also know Kolomoisky very well.

- We are friends, we communicate, we have a good personal relationship. I was three years the head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration. 9-Ukrainian oligarchs have their own scale enterprises in this region. So I know everyone - and Kolomoisky and Novinsky and Pinchuk and Akhmetov. When I ruled the area – there was in order, we were a guarantor of stability in the region: there were no conflicts, hostile takeovers, corporate conflicts. It's appreciated, and when we came to the fact that we began to create our own party, Kolomoisky said that he is ready to help us. But I said that we do not want to depend on anione, we only need to let us on the TV, we just need not to be interfered. I personally asked Oliynyk, whomI know for the long time, to join the project, since  Dnepropetrovsk needs creative people. Majority in our party, including myself, voted for the liberation of Tymoshenko. We pushed out Yanukovych from Ukraine on February 20, we have voted to withdraw troops and police from Kiev, we have not voted forJanuary 16,withdrown the cards, because we were totally against the laws, and because of us the hand voting took place. We can not say that we are Regionaly. We have a strong team with 12 thousand candidates in Ukraine – they are industrialists and entrepreneurs.

 - What the motives had Oliynyk sice he didn’t join Ukrop and joined you?

- Slava is very pragmatic person. He loves more specific projects - infrastructure, industry. These are main objectives of our politic ideology- primarily, the economy, industry, infrastructure development, projects, which give rise to Ukraine's new economic policy. An Ukrop - it's more nationalist-patriotic party that uses a deep patriotic moments. Slava does not like to lie, but today most of the parties, unfortunately, just lie to people and just hammer heads. Its impossible to change windows a tschool with flags.

- Who else is not lying besides you?

- We would like to start to answer honestly to people, that's going to be honest to say that the country is bankrupt the country took 500 billion UAH loans. Today and for many years people have scored head with flags, slogans, promises, etc. We say - "Let's stop."

 - This is a foundation of all election campaigns. Unless yours issomething different?

- It was different completely. First of all, the economy should be at the head with production and jobs.  PPB is not talking about the economy, Yatsenyuk stopped to participate in elections since he failed his entire economic policy.

 - You entered afaction of Party of Regions the 2012th in the most flourishing blossom of their destructive behavior.

- No. At that time Yanukovych was adequate and the parliament was adequate. Tahese were the first parliamentary elections after the arrival of Yanukovych. It was still the fraction that could oppose. At each meeting of the faction there were 50-70 people, who shouted to Azarov, to Yanukovych, everything is going into the abyss, to a standstill. It was our group, of Tigipko, of people who have been with the business, entrepreneurs, including Zviagilskiy. And when Yanukovych ran, it is this group of people was not afraid, 52 hands were risen, and said that it was time to stop. He rushed out of the audience with a horror. And he was already inadequate when Alexander Klimenko, Arbuzov, Zakharchenko came near. They brought him to a standstill. When he removed the team that it ascends to the podium and received only immediate surroundings, related, he opposed himself to everyone within a fraction. Within fractions people had more problems than those who were in opposition.

 - How are you different from the Opposition bloc? I think that the only difference between you what you think of them as downed helicopters.

- We clearly recognize that Russia - the aggressor, and they - no. We say that you can trade with Russia, but we must not make economic nonsense.


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- How can you trade with a country with which we have a war going on?

- But the problem is that everyone is afraid to admit - the president, prime minister, 40% of exports still go to Russia that the gas, minerals, all sorts, we buy with Russia, that all large-scale industry is tied to Russia. They all pretend they do not know - let's cut off the whole.

 - We Nazi Germany we had very large trade links, and we hindered them until September, from June 22. But we slowed down during the war.

- Of course, war is a problem, there is a problem with an aggression, that they have occupied the territory, there is a problem with the Crimea, it’s enormous, but we are talking about what we need to be honest. When the president says that: "I have nothing in Russia" - this is not quite fair. When he says that we do not trade with Russia, that we should cut air service - we do a show a little step to get political dividends. If we really are at war, you have to cut everything to block exports. But then we have to answer: what to do with the whole industry in Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Odessa, Nikolaev, which is tied to Russia and still to deliver something? The first persons of the state come in western Ukraine, beat the chest and say, "We pure national patriots, nothing to do with Russia, everything must be closed, cutted off." As the output we received: cut air service – everyone strted to fly through Moscow. Just made the flight more expensive for people. Made in Minsk large transit airport, which is now overloaded. We haven’t done anything positive for people. We shouldn’t fight in this. It is necessary to join international sanctions, it was necessary to impose sanctions properly, adequately, quickly. It was necessary to make the economic program of substitution of exports, etc. But the government and the president played today on the electorate of western and central Ukraine. And what about East, someone will deal with it on permanent basis? Our party says that we hear the east, center and south of Ukraine. We understand the Western Ukraine. But we say that there is a real life. It is necessary to invest in import substitution, export orientation in the new country, it is necessary to invest big money in infrastructure and in production. It is necessary to enter new markets and gain new economic opportunities for Ukraine, a new investment climate. Now the big party, faction, these great patriots, again losing eastern Ukraine. And if we want Opposition bloc to be there again, what is happening now – its being done. In the Vidrodzhenniya they hang tags instead of saying thank you for what we have gathered the best people, the elite of society, which does not look the Russia side and is looking forward the European values, which says that we must deal today with wages, pensions and production. When Russia was the aggressor, these people have become pro-Ukrainian patriots, they financed the army, etc.

 - Members of your faction to date – these are business leaders who are in different factions, defended the interests of their own business. Nothing else distinguishing about they before entering your group.

- Now all the pro-government parliamentary factions are destroying the business.

 - Now the main task is the restoration of statehood, which was destroyed by Yanukovych and verticals, and horizontals. Most of the members of your group are egregious shirkers. Seems like its not a fraction but a ghost. It turns out that they believe  Verkhovka Rada is an excuse from the police.

- We do not have today, members of the coalition. Coalition consists of 300 people. In order to passlaw,226 are needed. If you look at all of the most important laws that were made in the history of this Parliament, which were necessary to the state, our group voted, almost 100% of the 100. When we look at the daily agenda and I come to the conciliation board, I always say this to Speaker – we have 300 votes, de jure. And every day, you can not collect the 200 votes in the parliament of their own parties, so that they have something to vote. 100 bills in a day - and there is nothing to vote - we chang the word to word, letter to letter. Nothing has changed in essence.

 - You want to say that such a large group of your people skips work because they did not see the point?

- Yes. What sense to come when one hundred bills neither solve public issues.

 - Why do these people do not lay down their mandates?

- They will come and will vote as soon as a real reform package by at least one sector.

 - There are many questions that do not vote because there was no quorum.

- There is the parliamentary coalition - 300 people. Dissolve the parliament and get a response as we support the people in the next parliamentary elections. I'm pretty sure that in the next election we will get 10-15% of the country.

 - You are now in the group of 22 people. Who else can come to you?

- Individuals, from BPP, National Front will come to us.

 - What are the motives of people other than money?

- We do not give money. We take wealthy and self-sufficient people. People want to join the political force, that has a prospective, that has parliamentary future. They see no future in what is happening. They do not want to be in a mass grave, which is the power of today, they do not want to participate in the bankruptcy of the country. They require a new tax code, you want to transfer budgets in place to 50-60% of taxes to remain where they are earned.

 - To which extent you plan your group will grow?

- I'm sure people soon there will be 30, and by the end of the year - 35-37 people. If you give at the mercy and expect that they will, at last, create something, the country is doomed to destruction. We have repeatedly said that the country needs to be changed.

 - Do you have a question?

- If everything is so bad, so in this country we have something good to do? We are a group Vidrodzhennya, people who create the industry, people who think, how to make the currency to country. Thises positive people,and they only need to be labeled?

 - You have totally different people, and probably some of them are quite sane. You have to look in great detail, why many of them come to you.

 Thanks for coming to us.

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