It is never long that comes at last – promises of Ukrainian politicians to win war

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Since the beginning of Anti-Terrorist Operation Ukrainian politicians and civil servants were very fruitful in giving promises – their favorite thing to do
16:26, 11 August 2017

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Promises are different. Some of them (the insignificant part of them) are kept, others stay pending; in general it comes down to “promise – wait – promise something new”. At that all the promises, forecasts, notices of this kind are made seriously, making people to hope and to believe, placing their faith in another “what if”?


It’s still unknown whether the promises of Yuriy Hrymchak, Deputy Minister for temporary occupied territories and internally displaced persons, refer to the this kind of promises. The latest has recently announced Russia leaves Donbas in 2018. Proceeding from certain estimation, the civil servant blatantly announced that “something of the kind is going to happen”, he even noted the expectation of a certain “last battle for Ukraine” in November 2018. Thus Hrymchak joined the list of Ukrainian civil servants who do the military forecasting, who are not actually authorized to.

Whatever the case, this announcement goes tightly together with the list of other promises by Ukrainian politicians and public officials regarding the anti-terrorist’s operation and conflict with Russia. The majority of these promises has never been fulfilled.

Let’s remind of some of them.

“I think that the crises will be solved within the next 48 hours. The anti terrorist operation mode isn’t yet cancelled in all three regions and we can hold all the planned actions any moment,” Arsen Avakov, the Interior Minister, said that on April 9, 2014. In the result, the issue was solved only in Kharkiv.


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A very “precise” promise by Ukraine’s National Security Secretary

During anti-terrorist operation, Ukrainian politicians and public officials made some of their announcements so that they have maximum possible time corridor to be fulfilled. In other words – without dates or any other details.

Oleksandr Turchynov, Ukraine’s National Security Secretary, spoke of immediate military mobilization “in case of serious escalation at the front”. It’s not even about the mobilization itself, it’s about the problem statement – “serious escalation”. The thing is that there are lot’s of cases when the number of casualties at the front exceeded one or two during recent years.

However it’s still impossible to understand what is the leaders’ understanding of such an escalation.

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Deoccupation of Donbas in 2017

Heorhiy Tuka, deputy minister for temporarily occupied territories, said on January 15 that the process of Donbas liberation from the militants and Russian militarymen shall start in autumn of 2017 (which contradicts to the statement of deputy minister Hrymchak about 2018).

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Two days later, on January 17, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov spoke of Donbas deoccupation to start in 2017. According to him, a task to reach the internationally recognized borders of Donbas and the Crimea further shall be set in 2017. The Minister noted that the police, national guards, agencies of justice will deal with this process, but the first will be border guards.

“This is not my propagandist statement or a white whale. This is reality we will have to face wit soon,” the Head of the Interior added.

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Ukrainian Parade in Sevastopil

Valeriy Heletey, taking his office of Ukraine’s Defense Minister in July of 2014, said that Ukraine is going to hold the victory parade in Sevastopil, occupied by Russia.

“I promise I’ll do everything possible to provide security of our fellow countrymen as a minister with your help. I promise to provide peace and order in our country, to restore the territorial integrity of our country and it’s sovereignty. I am convinced that Ukraine is going to win. And believe me, the victory parade will, it definitely will, be held in the Ukrainian Sevastopil,” the minister stressed.

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In the midst of the forecasts by different politicians and civil servants, the headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine refrain from any predictions about the future of Donbas and the Crimea.


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