It is impossible to leave television, and television has not left me yet, - Oksana Marchenko about Revealing Ukraine documentary

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Respondent : Oksana Marchenko

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Legendary Oliver Stone will present his new documentary Revealing Ukraine directed by Ihor Lopatyonok within the 65th Taormina Film Festival. The film goes about recent events in Ukraine, Donbas Conflict. succeeded to talk with a team, which will present the film along with Stone. Namely, TV presenter Oksana Marchenko, who is the heroine of the film along with husband, opposition politician Viktor Medvedchuk. She told, where did the idea of Revealing Ukraine come from, how she worked with Oliver Stone and what she took away from this project
23:15, 2 July 2019

65th Taormina Film Festival. Opening ceremony
Svetlana Soroka Photographer

Where did the idea of Revealing Ukraine come from?

It is an idea of Oliver, and he personally, going deeper in the things, which take place in Ukraine, specifically the conflict, particularly, the situation in general; tried to get to the truth. He looks for people, politicians, celebrities not to help us but to help us to see ourselves. And when I asked him why you are so interested in Ukraine, he answered that it is, possibly, because he sees how the conflict rages on our land; the things, which go beyond one particular state. And therefore as non-indifferent person he explains in the film what the conflict means today. The desire to tell the truth drives him. The search of truth is the thing that Oliver does. It is impossible to induce him to anyone’s side.

Why do you present this film at this very festival?

This festival is considered to be one of the most influential among the documentalists. There are a lot of professionals, a lot of film directors from the poll of Cannes Film Festival’s jury, who may appreciate the work of the film director, camera man, screenwriter.

Oksana Marchenko

Did you like to work together?

Yes. It was absolutely unexpectedly for me. He invited me to comment on some things tied with Viktor but the bilateral cooperation happened.

What will happen to the film next; whether it will be presented at other festivals, broadcasted at TV channels?

I know that a lot of television companies of the world are interested in it; and I hope that it will be broadcasted in Ukraine.

Do you have some other creative plans? May be, you have some ambitions tied with the documentary?

It's hard to tell. I supposed that a new wave of the number of the interview with famous people would begin with the episode about Oliver. Let’s see. Today I have different offers. But that’s all in the future, in the perspective. All of this does not leave me indifferent because it is impossible to leave the television and television has not leave me yet. Wait and see.

Are you doing it for yourself?

I want to support husband. It is important for me because he is an extraordinary person, who really loves Ukraine. And I want him and his team to succeed in the changing of something for better because the things that happen cannot make happy. A great country cannot turn into absolutely agrarian province. Ukraine was always renowned for its industry, its people; I really want people to return, not left the country. We should understand themselves what happened to us and how to continue living with it.

65th Taormina Film Festival. Opening ceremony
Svetlana Soroka Photographer

Do you believe in the victory of your film at the festival, where the competition is so intense? Did you watch other documentaries?

I have not seen everything yet as today was the first competitive day but I will definitely watch. It is impossible to watch all films because every two hours the screening of the films takes place at two halls, in other words, it is impossible to watch everything physically.

Will be you present during the screening of your film?

Yes. Of course. Viktor has not watched the film at all; I watched only pieces. I really want to see the main message, which Oliver put in this film. I think that he came up with something unusual.



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