It is important to prevent 'Russian scenario' on 'elections' in Donbas, - Parliament’s Vice-Speaker

Source : 112 Ukraine

According to her, the calls of some citizens who announced in their presidential ambitions the necessity of attacking the militants in Donbas are irresponsible
21:09, 12 November 2018

The Verkhovna Rada

It is important to prevent the 'Russian scenario' during the elections in Donbas, the Parliament’s Vice-Speaker Iryna Gerashchenko said at the session of the Council of regional development, the press office of 'Solidarity party' reported.

According to her, the calls of some presidential candidates to attack the militants in Donbas are irresponsible.

"Ukraine’s position, and the President’s, in particular, is the necessity to achieve victory in a diplomatic way," Gerashchenko said.

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'All these calls of some candidates and couch experts come from those who have never been to Donbas, have never served in the army; yet they are talking about an attack, and that's irresponsible. Obviously, we can’t throw thousands of lives of the Ukrainian soldiers and civilians in Russia’s furnace,' Gerashchenko stressed.

Ukraine’s representative to the Trilateral Contact Group disapproves the calls to conduct direct talks with Donetsk and Luhansk. According to her, the Russian president’s target goal is a pocket president in Ukraine.

'There are political forces which urge us to carry out direct talks with Donetsk and Luhansk. With whom? With the puppets? Why talk to Buratinos (puppets, - controlled by Karabas Barabas (violent puppeteer, - The Kremlin’s goal is not the 'field of miracles'. It wants to elect a pocket president in Ukraine, with whom to talk about Ukraine’s capitulation… We want to tell Karabas Barabas in the Kremlin that there will be no elections under Russia’s scenario. Only Ukrainians will elect the President and the next Parliament composition,” she noted.

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Besides, she said that despite all the criticism, the Minsk Agreement ceased a full-scale offensive of the militants. In addition, Russia avoids talks, for instance, in the Normandy format. According to Gerashchenko, Vladimir Putin is avoiding such meetings, which could be held in Paris on November 1.

And the elections held by the militants in Donbas on November 11 are a dangerous farce.

'Why is it so dangerous? It is the repeat of 2014 when Minsk talks were disrupted and a significant destabilization took place on the front due to Moscow-organized pseudo-elections. The security and political situations got worse,' Gerashchenko said.

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