I'm not guilty, let it be Zelensky to decide: Ukraine's PM's farewell address

Author : Oleksiy Honcharuk

Source : 112 Ukraine

"President's team has been working hard to change the country during the last 4 months. In this short span of time, we succeeded in many things," Honcharuk
10:45, 17 January 2020

112 Agency

Dear Ukrainians!

President's team has been working hard to change the country during the last 4 months. In this short span of time, we succeeded in many things. On different fields we:

1. Prepared our gas transmission system for transition to European rules, which allowed us to sign a new transit agreement and reduce the payment for heating for most Ukrainians by up to 30%.

2. Restart the top leadership of public authorities.

3. Successfully negotiated with the International Monetary Fund and reached an agreement on a working level agreement.

4. All this has allowed Ukraine to significantly improve its position in international rankings and halve the value of hryvnia loans. From 18% to 9%.

But most importantly - we have prepared a solid foundation for the development of the country in 2020:

1. Next week we are launching the first online governmental services that will make people's lives easier. This is the first, but not the last, step.

2. From February 1, the program of affordable lending for entrepreneurs will start - 5/7/9%, and in autumn our aim is 11-12% mortgages.

3. Starting from March 1, we are launching the Great Construction program, which will allow us to repair and build more than 4,000 km of roads, upgrade 100 schools, 100 kindergartens, 100 stadiums and 200 reception units.

4. We have approved a medical guarantee program. From April 1, the state will fully compensate for the cost of childbirth, stroke care, heart attack. We have expanded our Affordable Care program to include insulin.

5. More than 500 unprofitable non-strategic enterprises have been prepared for privatization, which approximately makes additional $ 520 000 to the state budget.

6. The government will no longer overpay for foreign and domestic debt obligations. Over the past month, we have engaged resources of 2.22% in Euros and 9.88% in UAH. This is the best indicator in the last 10 years and an important factor for the growth of the whole economy of the country.

Segment by segment, market by market - we are gradually restarting the entire economy!

The main challenge is to finally overcome public sector corruption.

Speaking about our team, I'll say honestly, this is a team of decent people. That is why I will not stop repeating: there is no corruption at the top level in the Government. If any signs of corruption remain on the lower levels, it is only because we have not yet reached out to them.

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to destroy criminal schemes that have been in place for decades only in a few months. The main thing is that we have no right to stop and we will not stop! No matter how much our opponents used to live in shadow want us to stop. Therefore, they use every opportunity to destroy people's belief in state government.

In recent days, you have all witnessed the events around files leaked in the Internet, spliced from fragments of Government meetings. Their content artificially creates the idea that my team and I have no respect for the President, who is our political leader.

Many influencer groups seeking access to cash flows benefit from it. But this is not true.

I took this position in order to execute the President's program. He is a model of honor and honesty for me. However, in order to take away any doubt of our respect and confidence towards the President, I wrote a resignation application and sent it to the President with the right to enter Parliament.

He is a man, who the Ukrainians have expressed unprecedented confidence in. And he has every right to estimate the effectiveness of every member of his team, which is changing our country.

Thank you.


Originally published on Oleksiy Honcharuk Facebook page.


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