If Zelensky closes TV channels today, his next step should be nationalization, - ex-MP Savchenko

Author : Nadiya Savchenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

Ukrainian politician and former Army aviation pilot in the Ukrainian Ground Forces, former MP, former political prisoner, held in Russia, Nadia Savchenko on utility tariffs policy, NSDC decisions, and closure of the TV channels in Ukraine
23:13, 23 February 2021

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As a result of the previous closed meeting, National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) illegally banned three opposition channels: 112 Ukraine, NewsOne, and ZIK. Whom the president is intimidating and why? Is it constitutional to use state bodies in this way and what would be the consequences?

Let's start with the fact that Mykyta Podolyak is only a creative manager in the President’s Office. He cannot declare on behalf of the president that the president is using quick decisions of the NSDC and that he is tired of waiting. If the president himself wants to say this, then let him say it as the head of state, as the guarantor of the Constitution. Is it allowed to do this with the TV channels, with the Constitutional Court? We need to figure out why in our country, supposedly in a democratic country, without declaring martial law or a state of emergency, the role of state institutions is completely leveled and the entire NSDC is replaced.

While being in our studio, Mr. Zhuravsky clearly showed which articles of the Constitution were violated. Neighboring canals, which were silent about our ban, and some even jumped up for joy, began to very carefully curse this government. Probably, there is an understanding that today they have come to us, and tomorrow they will come to them.

I want to set Ukrainians the example of Belarus – here we can see, what the authorities can do and what they can't. When a dictatorship is established, if the opposition does not maintain a balance in power, cannot defend human rights and democracy in the country, then the authoritarian dictatorship will sooner or later develop into tyranny. This is what happened in Belarus. There is a threat that the Russian Federation will be absorbed by Belarus and a totalitarian regime will be established. We basically had an unacceptable dictatorship, and we brought the country to chaos. When the country is at war, poverty, Ukrainians really want order.

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Could the predictions on the closure of Pryamiy TV Channel be realized?

Of course. I believe Zelenskiy will then act like a wise authoritarian aspiring dictator. If he is pinching the left side, then he must also pinch the right side, otherwise, the system will break somewhere. Whether there is any corpus delicti there must be proven in the courts. But since Zelensky went the other way and will lazily wait for quick decisions by the NSDC, then let's see where this leads.

Some support the closure of TV channels, while others don't.

To clean up TV channels means to clean up publicity. This is not a cleanup of the evil that is corruption, oligarchs – this is not what the Ukrainians wanted. If this is just closing the mouth of the media, clamping down on freedom of speech, then you need to understand where Ukraine received sanctions for this.

Let us proceed to the tariffs, should they be raised during the heating season? Where will this tariff policy bring us?

For some reason, the NSDC does not sit to resolve such issues but decides those issues that the president has to wait a long time for. Tariffs will go up anyway, but we just need to understand one thing: every government that comes, says that tariffs can be reduced, and when it comes, it says that this cannot be done. Each of our authorities signed a lot of obligations. If Zelensky closes TV channels today, then his next step should be nationalization. He must take away from the oligarchs everything that was stolen and return it to the state. Further, he must buy land from people if the Ukrainian wants to sell it. We must put it all together. And the state should be a competent manager of this property. He must preserve this for future generations. When a guy goes to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, he repays his debt to his son and grandson, because they can live without war. After Zelensky is able to put things in order inside the state, he can fill the treasury with what is washed out of it, restart the rules of the game inside the country, he will see that there is money in the budget, and we need to pay off debts. Pay off, or get rid of external influences. We cannot pay off more than 50% of the borrowings from the budget, which we will pay off this year. We can no longer raise tariffs for the population because they already pay more than 50% of their income for utilities.

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In Europe, people pay only 10-15% for rent from family income.

Yes, it should not exceed 15%. Zelensky will be able to break with external partners when he feels that the power is in his hands within the state. The oligarchs put a spoke in his wheel, who want to take what they think is theirs, but from the outside, they tell him that they don't care where he takes the money: if he doesn't want it from the oligarchs, let him take it from the people. We are trapped - we are being deceived from both sides. And until Zelensky understands this, Ukraine will not come out of this.

Zelensky declared libertarianism, and this does not correspond to the logic of the tyrant.

No doubts. But he declared the first libertarianism, then sexy, then centrism, then radical centrism. A person who does not understand what ideology he professes will constantly be repainted, will be constantly in an active search for what to serve. It would be better if he served the Ukrainian people.

Why people are not being informed about everything that they should be?

The less trash knows, the easier it is to manage. Therefore, TV channels, media platforms, scientific institutions are closed, because if a person is less educated, this is enough to do rough physical work. People used to know what they were paying for in the same utilities. If earlier an official had no right not to answer a person to his request, now you will not wait for an answer. Now communication with people has been closed to you.

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The fact that the conversion of people is devalued is scary.

A lot of foreign managers have been taken to Ukraine, and we pay them very dearly. And see no result. But they are lightning rods from the authorities. If Zelensky so abruptly began to bend freedom of speech inside the country, then let him continue to bend the oligarchs in Ukraine like that. And then he bends over the IMF representatives.

 We do not want to be a colony of the US, Russia, or China. We only defend that Ukraine should be Ukraine. But no one expects our products.

Sure. And once Ukraine was able to feed the entire Soviet Union.

 How do you envision the end of the era of poverty?

Oh, it's hard to imagine.

Do you expect to get a pension in Ukraine?

I have 15 years of work experience, so I’ve been paying the pension fee. Therefore, I would not receive a pension.

When would Ukraine become a member of the Great Seven?

 Never. We don't need to go there – we need to be the first at home.

What decision you would initiate if you got into power today?

Cancellation of the land law, no land market I mean.

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 How to maintain mental health while reading Ukrainian news?

 No way.

Have you already registered in the Clubhouse?

What is it?

A social media, Elon Musk even invited Putin there.

 I don't want to be where Putin is, or where Musk is. I want to be in Ukraine.

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Thank you.

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