How to win trust of voters. Instructions for candidates for Ukraine’s parliamentary elections

Author : Iryna Shostak

Parliamentary elections were held seven times after the declaration of independence of Ukraine in 1991. Traditionally, before the elections, candidates try to show citizens their sudden inexpressible love for the Ukrainian land, devotion and determination in the eternal questions of ensuring a decent old age for pensioners and unclouded opportunities for young people - in every possible way. The current election was no exception. But the presidential campaign of Vladimir Zelensky slightly corrected the traditional electoral features of the candidates. In addition to the campaign “to the people” and buckwheat, new trends in the fashion of political agitation were added
12:34, 19 July 2019

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine
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Are there trends in politics? Yes, although most of us lose our vigilance and do not even know about their existence. Subsequently, we refer to luck, chance, or successfully directed company if one candidate or another wins. However, speaking about trends in fashion, style or make-up, we recognize their existence by default. We notice that these are long-known and long-term algorithms that, regardless of the season, will help everyone to keep their appeal rating high. Due to this it becomes clear that candidates for People's Deputies of Ukraine are also not shy about using similar methods proven by their predecessors to maintain their political rating, which, supposedly, will help them win such a desirable mandate.

Electoral trends-2019

The recipe for the perfect parliamentarian has evolved. If earlier campaigning was carried out from apartment to apartment, with the help of brochures, newspapers, leaflets and through TV, today the campaign platform has become much wider thanks to the World Wide Web.

The first thing we need to note is that in politics, as in fashion, there are tendencies that tend to occur, and there are those that will always be relevant. This year, though less often, traditional social packages with buckwheat, sugar, and millet were met. But this trend is predicted to have a short fate because the generation is changing, young people are becoming more conscious and opposing such a purchase of votes. Therefore, it is likely that social packages will soon become an anti-trend, which, on the contrary, will reduce the chances of candidates for trust.

Now it is better to show the candidate from all the best sides. On the one photo he plants a tree in an expensive suit, on the other he is talking to retirees, and finally, in order to reinforce the rating, there should be a photo with children and young people that hug him. It is advisable to hold all these events in one day in order to have time to show as much as possible to voters who don`t even know about the existence of such a benefactor candidate a week before.

It would seem that the trend of actively maintaining their pages and a clear demonstration of success would have to benefit the rating of each of those who want to become part of the country's Verkhovna Rada. If not the only “but” - candidates' campaigns become the increasingly ridiculous property of the online community because of their too ambitious position.

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In pursuit of the rating, candidates massively resort to traditional photographs with sunflowers or in wheat, which, probably, are aimed at demonstrating an unspeakable love for the Motherland.

Especially clever "beat" at once on two eternal trends, taking pictures also in embroidery.

And "smart" ones copy more successful opponents.

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After the victory of Vladimir Zelensky in the presidential election, the green color became prevailing in the campaign leaflets of candidates for deputies. Many have decided to take advantage of this. For example, the deputy candidate Oleg Lysak placed banners in Cherkasy, as if he would run for the “Servant of the People” party, however, it is not the truth.

And this is the election campaign of Anatoly Pavlenko in Radomyshl. Do you think it comes from the Zelensky party? No, in general, he is a deputy of the regional council from Blok Petra Poroshenko, and he goes to the polls by an independent candidate.

Sergey Leshchenko was not taken to the "Servant of the People", but the people's deputy came up with his own trick - he is a servant without a "Servant".

The next trend, which has long been rooted in the minds of citizens as a mandatory step in introducing a candidate to voters, is a video message. If earlier such appeals were laconic, considering the crowded TV network, today, it is not so. Candidates become more active in communicating with their voters by setting out full-length videos on their social media pages following the example of the current President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky (“Stadium is so stadium!”). Thus, all remain in the gain: the deputies themselves have the opportunity to convey a greater amount of information to the citizens, while listeners have the opportunity to analyze a large number of proposals for the changes of a candidate. Although, everything should be clear, - they usually look at the miserable attempts to copy Zelensky.

Another trend of the campaign is to keep video blogs, where candidates, in theory, become closer to their voters. They inform about interesting events in life, congratulate with various holidays and discuss any topics.

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The recipe for the perfect candidate

Therefore, you should listen to such advice if in the upcoming local elections you want to join in solving the country's problems and plan to begin your journey to power.

  1. A large amount of photographs that would show what the candidate do to prove that voters would not regret giving a vote for him - in wheat, sunflowers, on a combine, in embroidery, with students;
  2. High-quality videos, preferably witty and lively;
  3. Interesting and exceptional approaches in the development of campaign slogans, banners, billboards, flyers – if you post meaningless nonsense, you`ll become an object for ridicule;
  4. Active management of pages in social networks - and alive, alive;
  5. Live communication with voters – how to live without going into the yards, promises to solve all the problems - from pensions to negotiations with the United States.

If you make them qualitatively, perhaps they will help you to win. But if you tinker, like most of the candidates for the parliament, then nothing good will comes of it. However, people will mark your attempt.

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