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The guests of The Pulse program discussed the issue of fair elections on air 112 Ukraine
10:00, 10 April 2019

The Pulse TV show, April 9, 2019
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The guests of the political talk show The Pulse, answered how to calm the passions and hold elections fairly on air of 112 Ukraine TV channel.

Volodymyr Tsybulko, political analyst

First of all, we must adhere to all the procedures. Each of the candidates must make every effort to ensure that trust to the election grows. If one of our candidates offers additional debates at the stadium and the other agrees, you must take next step. However, this does not cancel the procedure prescribed by law. Let it be the will of the headquarters. If there is an initiative on the declaration of narcotic substances, do not retreat. Tomorrow the VADA representative arrives – so go and confirm your pure intention. On the last days before the elections, the more devoted to the Constitution and the more consistent the candidates are, the less nervousness will be in society, because nervousness of candidates is transferred to the whole society.

Ihor Mosiychuk, Ukraine’s parliamentarian

I am not a supporter of any of the two candidates. I will go to the elections, put a finger on the ballot - this is how I will vote. Holding elections fairly depends on prevention now. We have to tell the public that this is the last election, in which there was attempt to falsify the will of people regardless of which candidate did it. It does not matter. The punishment must be inevitable. If it is done, then we will receive an entirely different parliament in autumn, a completely different quality of Ukrainian politics. We will have decisions between the presidential and parliamentary elections, which may affect the development of the country for decades. I know that even Poroshenko in case of failure is ready to sign the laws, which he has slowed down for five years.

Oleksiy Honcharenko, Ukraine’s parliamentarian

For the first time in Ukraine's history, the current president took less than the exit polls showed, that is, there is no administrative resource here. Prisons voted for Tymoshenko and Zelensky, there was always an administrative resource there. Pure and fair elections have taken place. People told the president to go to the second round and to Zelensky too. Next, you will decide. The only thing that is to be determined, I ask every Ukrainian to think carefully about it. You do not have to vote in spite for the power. We must vote having thought what will happen after that.

Vasyl Nimchenko, Ukraine’s parliamentarian

I think and hope that we will still plant potatoes and radish before the elections, so that we enter the warm sunny days after warm Oleksiy (March 30, - I think we have to prepare for the election so that the head of state realizes and holds the Constitution before him. We will vote for the president, who will always see Article 106 Constitution that says he is the head of state, the guarantor of sovereignty and the guarantor of the observance of the rights and freedoms of Ukrainian citizens.

Oleksandr Horhan, deputy of Kyiv regional council

I am convinced that most people are worried about the future of our country, our future and that of people who will be after us. Everyone is really anxious because we live at a very extraordinary moment in time. I am sure that our descendants, when they will read the story later, will be worried about us and sympathize with our generation, as we are living at this time. How we lived at this time, we decide now. It is very important not to lose dignity, because it all started from the revolution, when people felt an violation on their dignity. The elections will end, but we will remain as how we became during them. Therefore, it is very important for us to pass this test to show that each of us has changed.

Yuriy Molchanov, journalist

Somebody trusts one candidate, someone - the other, someone does not trust either, or trusts both. Someone calls the god Christ, someone is Allah, someone  - some other name. Let's remember: we all live in the same country, we have all one home - Ukraine. And on April 22 we will wake up and nothing will change from the outside. There will be another leader, we will be alive, but we will still lend a helping hand to each other. Let's remember this and stay people.

Oleksandr Solontay, political expert

Our voters have three options. The first one is to vote for Poroshenko. The second one is to vote for Zelensky. The third one is to mark both in the ballot paper, it will be a spoiled ballot paper. Unfortunately, there is no “against all” paragraph, but there is a way to show you do not support these two candidates - to spoil the ballot paper. The only thing I am calling for is: go to vote. The more of us will come, the calmer the election will end. I urge everyone to go to vote.

Olesya Yakhno, political expert

The key to honest elections is compliance with the law, respect for institutions and the state, and respect for citizens. I think that many who follow the same logic that was in the first round when it's just necessary to discredit and pour dirt on someone has not worked, and this time it will not work. Regarding the parliament, I respect the many decisions of the parliament, I mean some political forces and their initiatives. The greatest dishonesty is the lie of the politicians and lack of responsibility to protect their words.

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