Guests of 112 Ukraine's talk show share view on presidential debates

Source : 112 Ukraine

MPs, reporters, political experts commented on the upcoming presidential debates
21:14, 9 April 2019

‘Pulse’ talk show on Jan. 22, 2019
112 Agency

Oleg Osukhovsky, MP:

As a politician, I completely get it all about the candidates, the president and Zelensky. The President is almost out of options here; Ukrainian voters had this opportunity to observe what happened in the country over these five years. And Zelensky simply doesn't want to promise a thing or discuss anything. I got it all. As a politician, I don't need these debates, but the Ukrainian voters do. Perhaps, the debates would give a hint for the voters - who should they vote for.   

Yevhen Chervonenko, ex-Transport Minister:

It's time to get to work. It's spring, a time to sow. There's a lot of challenges in the economy. Five years is enough, and then, getting fired is inevitable. It's not up to us, however, whether it will be a remand or a verdict. I'm not a judge to put people behind the bars; I want to create. The men (Poroshenko and Zelensky - 112 International) said they want debates - so be it. What's the deal? That won't change a thing.

Yuriy Molchanov, reporter:

In my media practice, I'm used to taking words as quite important information. When in their early career, journalists are taught to save words, to save adjectives, so that one can focus on the key things. In this particular case, it seems to me that one of the candidates has nothing left to say, and the other one still has nothing to say yet. So, as a man who got used to seeing information in the text, I understand that the debates would not be really interesting for me. Maybe they will be for other Ukrainians, but it has to do with the emotional factor; so, I doubt that the debates make any sense. 

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Oleksandr Horhan, the MP of Kyiv regional council:

I'm sure the debates are necessary. They are necessary for the citizens, voters, common honest citizens, because the power in its current image - I mean, the incumbent president Poroshenko - and Zelensky who is the challenger who goes for this office just should talk to the people, not each other. They should clearly say what they actually guarantee people over the five years of their term in power - without the decisions of the Parliament, the EU or the IMF. The people should hear clear signals, clear promises, which they will demand to live up to. 

Oleksiy Honcharenko, MP:

If we don't need any debates, what are doing here then? This is what it is about; about talking, making points, this is what the politics is about. So we definitely need the debates. The ones (...) about the future of the country, the way that it is to choose; and the lives will depend on this way - the lives of our children and all Ukrainians. The price of a mistake on these elections may be extremely high. And we should understand that. The very existence of Ukraine is threatened, as we are under pressure, facing the aggression. In these conditions, the debates will be even more necessary than ever. They should take place. The one who tries to escape them will have no right for trust of the people.

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