German politicians of all levels support Medvedchuk: Viktor is a political prisoner, he is Václav Havel of Ukraine

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German mainstream politicians met with the Chairman of the Political Council of the Opposition Platform - For Life party Viktor Medvedchuk at his house
11:00, 2 November 2021

German politicians of all levels support Medvedchuk
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German mainstream politicians - from the European Parliament, the Bundestag and the Landtag of Bavaria - met with the Chairman of the Political Council of the Opposition Platform - For Life party Viktor Medvedchuk at his house. Politicians discussed various issues: the political persecution of the Ukrainian opposition, the energy crisis in Ukraine and, of course, the issue of peace in Donbas.

Oleg Voloshyn, MP of Ukraine, Opposition Platform - For Life

Dear Ukrainians, today, a delegation of German politicians of all main levels is in Ukraine. We present here Dr. Maximilian Krah, Member of the European Parliament from Germany, Petr Bystron, Member of the Foreign Policy Committee of the National Parliament, Bundestag, and Ulrich Singer, Member of the Landtag, Bavarian State Parliament. They represent all three levels of German politics. They came to Ukraine to see what the situation is today with human rights and media freedom. They have already seen the election of the mayor of Kharkiv. Today they came to meet with the Chairman of the Strategic Council of the Opposition Platform - For Life party Viktor Medvedchuk. They have already had a conversation with him, and now they will tell everything themselves.

Maximilian Krah, Member of European Parliament 

We are here because Viktor Medvedchuk is a political prisoner and European Union spends a lot of money to Ukraine which is used for corruption and for war. And Viktor is the man who wants to end the war and who wants to save cheap energy and peace for Ukrainian people. And I think that it's worth traveling to Kyiv and to show everyone that we do not agree with that and that we will do what we can to stop financing a regime that has put a man like him under arrest.

I have a law practice for more than ten years, I studied law and I practiced it in many European countries. And I just can say that what is done here against Viktor is just ridiculous. It is not law, it is politics, it is a political persecution of a man who just has another opinion so we don’t have to talk about illegal aspects, it is just nonsense. So, we have to talk about politics and we have to make clear – we are not willing to accept that behavior of the government.

Petr Bystron, Member of Bundestag's Committee on Foreign Affairs

The European Union, and especially Germany is always asking people around to stand up for democracy and what we see here is breaking the law and it’s completely against every legal standard in the European Union. So, if Ukraine would like to reach the European Union, it shouldn’t break those laws. And for us it’s clear that Viktor is a political prisoner and he is kind of Václav Havel of Ukraine.

Ulrich Singer, member of Bavarian Landtag 

We have all seen in recent months how difficult self-isolation is, and it is even worse when a person lives in isolation for several months. This is very bad and we hope that there will be a dialogue between the EU, Germany, and Ukraine to resolve this issue.

Maximilian Krah, Member of European Parliament 

75% of Germans want to have good relations with Russia and they don’t have very much understanding for what the mainstream politicians are doing. But there is still a way to go because, I mean, for Ukrainians, the conflict in Donbas is the everyday business and people know about it. But most of Germans would have a problem to look at the map and find where is Donetsk and where is Luhansk. So, we have to make people more aware, we have to inform them more. But I can assure you that if people would understand what’s going on here, they would be very angry on what the Ukrainian government is doing with the European taxpayers’ money.

Petr Bystron, Member of Bundestag's Committee on Foreign Affairs

Democracy is the will of the people. So, let the people of Donetsk and Luhansk decide what they want. It shouldn’t be decided in Kyiv. The people of Donetsk and Luhansk should decide to belong to Ukraine, to Russia or to be independent. That would be the real democracy.

Viktor Medvedchuk, MP of Ukraine, Chairman of the Political Council of the Opposition Platform - For Life 

First of all, I want to say, I am grateful to my German colleagues who took the time to visit me today, given the conditions and the situation in which I find myself. And, on one hand, it is political courage, on the other hand, it is a positive conversation that has taken place when we discussed the issues that today interest the parliamentarians from Germany, representatives of the European Parliament, Bundestag, the regional parliament.

Germany is a leading country in the European Union, and Germany, as has happened since 2014, is a member of the Normandy format for resolving the situation in Donbas, for a peaceful settlement. Therefore, colleagues from Germany, first of all, were interested not only in the political, economic situation in the country, but they were also interested today in the situation in Donbas, whether a peaceful settlement is a prerogative of the current government and what needs to be done to fulfill the Minsk agreements so that peace is established in the territory of Donbas. So that peace would prevail in Ukraine and peaceful settlement and cessation of both hostilities and the confrontation between the uncontrolled and controlled territories of Ukraine. And this was the main focus because this topic is relevant in Germany and this topic continues to be relevant for the seventh year, it's natural.

We spoke today about the economic and political situation. Unfortunately, both an economic and an extremely political crisis is taking place in our country today. The culprit is the current government, which, in my opinion, is unsuitable due to lack of professionalism, and is professionally unprepared to govern the country. I pointed out the issues of external management. I spoke about how it is necessary today and what is necessary to do, in particular to the representatives of Europe - Germany, France and other countries, so that peace is established in Ukraine, because this is the main and urgent task for both Ukraine and Europe, because Europe, by fate, has become one of those parts of the world, that part of the countries (and I mean first of all Germany and France), which undertook to settle this issue. And in order to understand the nature of all this (and for the 7th year, unfortunately, it was impossible to determine the nature of the conflict, the nature of the confrontation in Ukraine), it is necessary to assess the actions of the government: what it does today, how it does it.

I have objectively assessed these circumstances because I have had an understanding of the situation since 2014. And I stressed that what is happening in Ukraine today, unfortunately, does not give hope that the leadership of Ukraine - Mr. Zelensky, his team - has the political will to establish peace. Unfortunately, after this team come to power, Ukraine has not advanced in the issue of peace, and this is the most important thing. We discussed the nuances of these circumstances. Of course, we talked about the economy, about the energy crisis, which, unfortunately, is present in Ukraine today, and about many other problems, including the violation of Constitutional rights, actions against freedom of speech, closures of television channels, repression and sanctions against citizens of Ukraine and Ukrainian legal entities, which is illegal and unconstitutional, extrajudicial reprisals against those who disagree with those who today defend a different point of view, which is unacceptable for one reason or another for the authorities.

All this was the subject of today's very lively, fruitful and, I think, very useful discussion in order to convey all these issues to the representatives of Germany. And once again to discuss possible ways out of the situation.

And regarding the energy crisis. Unfortunately, Ukraine was and remains an import-dependent country because we're 75-80 percent dependent on other countries. In particular, on Belarus, Russia and many others. We do not have enough coal, electricity and gas for our own consumption and to ensure the normal life of our citizens. Whatever is happening in the country now, is happening because the government is professionally ineligible; it cannot find ways to solve the situation. The program of our party actually foresees the resumption of economic cooperation with the Russian Federation. This is the main issue, and this issue must be resolved by Ukraine for the benefit of its citizens. Not in favor of the political elite, political will or political ambitions of certain segments of society that are represented in the authorities, but in favor of citizens.

And if today there is a fourfold rise in the price of coal around the world, including in Europe, a tenfold rise in the price of gas, then Ukraine, given its very low financial capabilities, given the de facto cessation of industrial production, closure of enterprises, inability to financially secure energy, must proceed from a situation in which it has to look for beneficial ways - ways of direct gas supply, ways of coal supply at normal prices, which is possible only in Russia or the CIS countries. In addition, the solution of energy issues and electricity supply. Therefore, when we talk (and the program of our party has it written) about the restoration of pragmatic, favorable for citizens of Ukraine trade and economic relations, we proceed from it because it is the only way today to provide with energy resources, to provide normal living conditions for people in this 2021-2022 autumn-winter period. So far, it is a crisis, it is hopeless, as we see, also for the government, because the government is not looking for and does not offer ways out of this crisis. Our party has proposed this and continues to insist that we must do everything we can to provide for our people and create normal living conditions for them.

Petr Bystron, Member of Bundestag's Committee on Foreign Affairs

President Zelensky started with a big hope and big expectations. And he was not able to fulfill those expectations. And Viktor Medvedchuk said very right that Ukrainian government should be serving the Ukrainian people. Not the European Union, not the United States, but the Ukrainian people. And what the Ukrainian people want especially in Luhansk and the other regions? It’s peace. It’s peace for Ukraine, peace for the whole region. And that is what the government do.

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