German MPs of different levels: Germany believes there is democracy, freedom of speech in Ukraine; in fact - no, Ukraine is on way to dictatorship

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German lawmakers of different levels visited the studio of the UkrLive TV channel, where they talked with journalists of illegally closed TV channels
13:03, 2 November 2021

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German lawmakers of different levels visited the studio of the UkrLive TV channel, where they talked with journalists of illegally closed TV channels about the state of affairs with freedom of speech, the situation with democracy in Ukraine, and cooperation between Europe and Ukraine with Russia.

How do you think, the situation with human rights and freedom of speech in Ukraine will develop in the nearest future?

Maximilian Krah, the MEP from Germany

That very much depends on the Ukrainian people. I mean that’s your country and you’re responsible for that. But you have to be aware that you should not believe what you hear from western media and western politicians because they have the interest to play with Ukraine for continuing a competition or confrontation with Russia. When they talk about the rights of Ukrainians they do not mean the human rights of Ukrainians. But they mean we want to make politics against Russia. If you want to increase your level of human rights, and especially, your level of living standards, wealth, then you have to do it on your own. And you have to be aware that most of the countries have their own agenda. Instead of following the agenda of the United States or the EU, just follow your own Ukrainian agenda. Think all about Washington and Brussels think about your family. This would be my advice.

Petr Bystron, the Member of the Bundestag's Foreign Policy Committee

This is a good point. The people should have been in mind what is Ukrainian task. Not follow the propaganda of the media was spreading those things from European and US interests.  Just look at Ukraine, how it develops since it become independent: what was promised by the EU, what was promised by the US, and what really happened. Look at what was promised by current President Zelensky and what really happened. People should go for the truth if that is what they want. What people want most in Ukraine is peace.

Ulrich Singer, member of the International Cooperation Committee of the Bavarian Landtag

I think you live in a democracy and it is depending on the people who appear to elections. We have been to Kharkiv for the elections of the mayor. Only 28% of the people go to the elections. It is very bad for democracy – the democracy lives from the people coming to vote. It is a very bad sign that people do not go to vote anymore. Maybe they are frustrated or there is some kind of problem. But politics have to resolve these problems so that the people would participate and make good decisions for the country.

How do you access the practice of making decisions in relation to media and politicians, not by the court but the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine? Does something like this possible in western democracies?

Maximilian Krah, the MEP from Germany

It is impossible nowhere in the world and what we see here…Everyone, who has another opinion that the government is a victim of persecution and suppression. This government is completely paid by the west. Without western money, the government would collapse. The truth is that today the European Union and the US are financing the government that is suppressing freedom of speech but in the name of human rights and freedom of speech. It is a hyper crisis, which is unbelievable and we are here to make that public in western countries because the public in Germany thinks that Ukraine is on the path to democracy. And what is our job is to make them clear – no, Ukraine is on the way on the path to dictation financed by the west but the promise of democracy. This betrayal has to become public and if you can have to make it public not just in Ukraine. Most people here know it and they mistrust the politicians. If you can make it public in the west, this is the way to change. If the western countries, the EU, and the US stop financing this policy of the regime, here, in Kyiv, then that is the key to changing it.

Petr Bystron, the Member of the Bundestag's Foreign Policy Committee

It is obviously this is a clear violation of law, Ukrainian law. It is against all principles that the European Union hopes will be implemented here in Ukraine. It has to be stopped immediately.

The energy crisis continues in the world: the prices for gas and coal have risen at record prices. Did Germany draw any conclusions from this and what conclusions should Ukraine draw?

Petr Bystron, the Member of the Bundestag's Foreign Policy Committee

Does Ukraine have a chance to get the contract directly with Russia? The Ukrainian government chooses not to do it and trades gas coming from Russia through Ukraine to Slovakia and then re-buy it back. This is complete nonsense.

Maximilian Krah, the MEP from Germany

History tells there are things you cannot choose. You have the population that majorly speaks Russia. If you go in your textbooks, your literature, then of course you share long term of joint history with Russia. To bring two Slavic nations into a conflict with each other and to go so far saying we don’t want to trade with each other is complete nonsense. I mean come over it. If you look to energy you see the period with very hard and cold winter, the high price for a wrong policy. So get over this conflict, don’t see conflict; see cooperation. Remember the good days of joint history and try to build up new trust. Then the winter won’t be that cold, and that expensive, and hard as I worry it will be.


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