German MEP: Fact that Ukrainian government does not want to trade with Russia is absolute nonsense

Source : 112 Ukraine

Krah underlined “if we think about it, if we look at the energy market, we see that we will have a cold winter and high prices due to wrong policies”
10:43, 2 November 2021

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The refusal of the Ukrainian authorities from trade relations with the Russian Federation is absolute nonsense as German MEP, member of the subcommittee on human rights Dr. Maximilian Krah stated during the meeting with journalists of the mass media illegally closed by the Ukrainian authorities. The broadcasting was held by UkrLive.

"History tells you that you cannot choose something. You have a population that mostly speaks Russian. If you look at the tax code or other literature, you will see a common history with Russia. And to reunite two nations that are opposed to each other because of the conflict, and to see that we do not want to trade with each other because our industry is focused on other criteria, this is absolute nonsense, "he said.

Krah noted that "if we think about it if we look at the energy market, we see that we will have a cold winter and high prices due to wrong policies."

"Therefore, deal with this conflict, observe cooperation and remember the good days of history, try to build a new history of cooperation, then prices will not be as high and the winter will not be as hard as it can be," the German politician added.

Member of the Bundestag's Foreign Policy Committee Petr Bystron, and member of the International Cooperation Committee of the Bavarian Landtag Ulrich Singer were also present at the meeting.

In September, member of NATO PA and member of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Joël Guerriau and member of French Senate, member of the commission of Foreign Affairs and Defense Forces Nathalie Goulet arrived in Kyiv. They visited Viktor Medvedchuk who remains in house arrest, and met with him and Vadym Rabinovych, the co-head of Opposition Platform - For Life party.

Then the vice-president of the Commission on Constitutional Legislation, Legislation, Universal Suffrage, Regulation, and General Administration of the French Senate Nathalie Goulet noted that they are returning to France with a very clear and specific roadmap for Ukraine.

On February 2, President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a decree on the imposition of sanctions against 112 Ukraine, NewsOne, and ZIK TV channels. According to the decree, which came into force from the moment of signing, sanctions were applied to TV channels for five years. This provides for blocking the broadcasting of all three TV channels.

On February 26, journalists of the TV channels illegally closed by President Volodymyr Zelensky united and created a new TV channel - Pershiy Nezalezhniy. The founders of the new media are a group of journalists who previously worked on the 112 Ukraine, NewsOne, and ZIK channels. However, within an hour after the start of broadcasting, Pershiy Nezalezhniy TV channel was illegally turned off under pressure from the authorities.

On February 20, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky put into effect the decision of the National Security and Defense Council on sanctions against 8 individuals and 19 legal entities. Among them are three Ukrainian citizens - the politician Viktor Medvedchuk and his wife Oksana Marchenko and the common-law wife of the owner of the NewsOne, ZIK, and 112 Ukraine channels, Taras Kozak, Natalya Lavreniuk.

On May 13, Kyiv court chose the restriction measure for Viktor Medvedchuk, the opposition MP and Chairman of the Political Council of Opposition Platform - For Life party. On July 9, the court extended the house arrest of Viktor Medvedchuk until September 7. The lawyers of the politician stated about the recusal of the judge Serhiy Vovk right after the end of the court session. However, the court declined the appeal on recusal of the judge and prosecutor. On July 30, the Kyiv Court of Appeal refused to satisfy the appeal op the lawyers of Chairman of the Political Council of the Opposition Platform - For Life Viktor Medvedchuk against the extension of the politician's house arrest until September 7.

The Opposition Platform - For Life responded to this legal arbitrariness, stressing that the political persecution of MP Taras Kozak has only one purpose: reprisals against independent media, 112 Ukraine, NewsOne and ZIK TV channels, and the destruction of freedom of speech in Ukraine. 

Commenting on the situation, Viktor Medvedchuk emphasized that his lawyers were fully prepared to appeal against the measure of restraint and they have evidence that refutes the prosecution's accusation and prove the illegality of applying house arrest to him.

Thus, the defense filed an appeal against the decision of the Pechersk District Court of Kyiv on extension of the measure of restraint for the politician. However, on July 30, the Kyiv Court of Appeal denied it, despite the defeat of all the arguments of the prosecution.

Over the past four months, the world media, European politicians, and experts have published almost 115,000 materials on the persecution of the opposition and independent TV channels by the Ukrainian authorities.


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