From threat to cooperation: How Ukraine is going to work with Donald Trump

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Some experts and politicians began changing the rhetoric towards Trump, and others totally removed or corrected their posts
17:16, 9 November 2016

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It's unbelievable, but Donald Trump won the US presidential election. It is a surprising fact not only in Ukraine but also in the United States. A website of the emigration Service of Canada fell - Americans simply overloaded it with their questions. But if the United States disappointed supporters of the Democratic Party, in Ukraine, it seems that even the authorities are shocked. Until the election representatives of the ruling elite made it clear that they are prepared to cooperate with Hillary Clinton, and threw unflattering words in Trump’s direction, now the official Kiev is in awkward position. We collected comments of Ukrainian politicians and officials before and after the elections. At the same time, users of social networks are already questioning the ability of President Poroshenko to establish contacts between Kiev and Washington.

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Before the election in Kiev everybody was indignant. During the election campaign, Trump uttered a lot of things that were seen in Ukraine as a red rag. He would say that he could consider the issue of recognition of the Crimea as a Russian territory, he would state that Vladimir Putin is a good person who is trustworthy enough to deal with, he would oppose US involvement in the resolution of the conflict in Ukraine. These statements were met with great criticism by Ukrainian top-level politicians.

"It (the words about Crimea, - Ed.) was an integral part of pre-election rhetoric", - Poroshenko said during the interview with US media. He said he hoped that Trump would change his opinion on the issue of reunification of the Crimea with Russia in case he should be elected.

The reaction of the "People's Front " was more critical. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov called the US presidential candidate "dangerous and shameless marginal". "A shameless statement of the presidential candidate Trump about the possible recognition of the Crimean a Russian territory is a diagnosis of a dangerous marginal. And he is dangerous both for the USA and Ukraine.  A person, indulging Putin's dictatorship, cannot be the guarantor of democratic freedoms in the United States and the whole world. No wonder Manafort was previously the head of Yanukovych headquarters, and now he is on the side of Trump. Yanukovych fled through the Crimea to Russia. Where will Manafort bring Trump? " - Avakov wrote in July 2016, adding to the text a caricature, where Trump was kissing Putin.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksandr Turchynov called Donald Trump’s statements about Ukraine dangerous. "The most dangerous are the attempts to alter US policy in the first place. By that I mean the statements by the Republican candidate Trump." – Turchinov said at briefing in August.

Former prime minister and leader of People’s Front Arseniy Yatsenyuk also supported his colleagues. "The official presidential candidate in the United States challenges the values of the free world, civilized order and international law and it’s hard to ignore it. This is a crime against ethical and civilizational principles. Donald Trump should seek wise counsel from the representatives of the Republican Party, who understand what freedom, international law and the free world are and I am sure that there are many of them who do not support words of Trump and realize their danger”, - Yatsenyuk wrote on Facebook.

Tough position against Trump was taken in BPP.  Deputy Vadim Denisenko called Trump an idiot: "Trump showed himself as a complete idiot who says anything in order to guess the mood of the crowd." Even Sergei Leshchenko was boasting about the scandal he revealed concerning Paul Manafort that would sink Trump.

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However, Petro Poroshenko in September would still like to meet at the General Assembly not only with Hillary, but also with Donald. However, the response from the Republican headquarters in Presidential Administration was not received. A scandal went out which experts and sources close to the AP commented as mismatches in the schedule and even snobbery of Trump. "Snobbery of Trump, tight schedule and fear / dislike towards Ukraine - all of this was the reason for the refusal to meet with Poroshenko" - political analyst Taras Berezovets then said.

But in the history of Ukraine there already was a similar situation. In 2008, Viktor Yushchenko, went to the United States to a meeting of the UN General Assembly before the US elections, but only met with the Republican candidate John McCain. Yushchenko bet on McCain, taking into account Russian aggression in Georgia. And then Obama won, and never actually became a close friend to Ukraine.

And now the sensation came – Trump is an elected president. By January, he will already be in the White House. Kiev will have no other choice but to cooperate with the new administration. But the question is how to establish contacts, seriously damaged in the period of summer-autumn 2016. Undoubtedly, at the headquarters of Trump everybody clearly remembers the role of Ukrainian politicians in the election campaign.

However, Ukrainian authorities hope for cooperation with the Trump administration. “We will work with Trump, - Dmytro Shymkiv, a Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine stated. – We have a lot of friends there. I am sure we will find a way to cooperate in future in any case.”

Cautious hope for future cooperation was expressed by Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman. "I congratulate all the Americans on the election of the new head of state, and newly elected US President on his victory in the election.  I wish American people success and prosperity, and hope that the new administration will continue to support Ukraine's course", - he wrote.

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Many experts are optimistic. Particularly, a political analyst Taras Chornovil in the comment  for 112 Ukraine TV channel said that in 2014 Obama was more pro-Putin than today's Trump. "For us, our diplomacy, and the president there is a challenge now. We have to go back in 2014. This means that we will have a much better situation for us.  Also, the election to the Senate and the Congress already took place, so we have a better situation than we had in 2014. Back then Obama was more pro-Putin than today's Trump. Now we are to work again on the mechanisms. Ukraine will not notice major changes, except that it will be harder to negotiate with the president and easier with Congress and the Senate, "- said Chornovil.

Ex-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Volodymyr Ohryzko also agrees with him on this matter. "In US, the system of foreign policy making is very complex. There are a lot of foreign players who form the opinion of the president, and it becomes a symbiosis of opinions, attitudes, and actions of the players. It is the State Department, the Department of Defense, intelligence agencies, political parties, the Congress, and so on.. Trump is ignorant in the matters of foreign policy. Now the educational phase will begin when he really starts to understand what Russia is ... it will gradually open the eyes to the fact that Putin is what Russia is and how to deal with it" - Ohryzko said in a comment for 112 Ukraine TV channel.

"Trump is the representative of the Republican Party, Reagan's party, both Bushes, hawks of American politics. And among the establishment of Republicans, thousands of people have supported Ukraine. The fact that Trump was being advised by Manafort and several advisers on Ukraine, it is necessary to correct this. We must begin to act now…" - said Igor Guz, Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on foreign Affairs.

And the chairman of Verkhovna Rada Committee on Foreign Affairs Hanna Hopko advises to work actively with Congress to maintain US assistance. "We have seen an attempt by the President to meet with Hillary and Trump ... there was a work with two teams. Now it is important to work with the Congress. There is very good news, the win of several good senators who previously supported Ukraine, were co-authors of the various legislative initiatives in the Congress, "- she said for 112 Ukraine TV Channel.

Meanwhile, some experts and politicians have already started to change the rhetoric towards Trump. An ardent opponent of Russia Mikheil Saakashvili wrote today on Facebook, that is a friend of Donald and "accurately predicted" victory of Trump. He even replaced a cover page. "I am acquainted with him for more than 20 years, we are friends and I carefully predicted his victory. He has strong personality with unpredictable policy line. We must be careful and organized more than ever...", - Saakashvili wrote.

Oleh Lyashko, leader of the Radical Party, being emotional named the Trump election a disaster, however, edited his post in an hour picking more appropriate words.

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