Ex-president Kravchuk: ‘I don’t think Russia will wage full-scale war against Ukraine’

Source : 112 Ukraine

The first leader of the Ukrainian state commented on Savchenko’s negotiations with Russian militants, the Kremlin’s aggression in Ukraine and further U.S.-Ukraine relations
19:12, 13 December 2016

Russian aggression in Ukraine

Even if we assume Russia will go for the large-scale invasion in Ukraine, and Ukraine faces occupation – that would be Russia’s last day. It is impossible, I guess, to conquer Ukraine and hold it captive – economically, politically or spiritually. I am sure Russian politicians are not that primitive to just not realize that. They prefer putting a lot of point pressure on Ukraine through Donbas. And they use that point pressure in various combinations. But launching a full-scale war against Ukraine… I don’t see that happening.     

Ukraine’s relations with the West

I believe whatever happens in the Western countries, no matter who they elect, or what changes in their politics towards Ukraine might be – the country cannot lose all of its Western allies. We did a lot of mistakes, including those regarding Minsk agreement. This is why we need to gather up and fis what can be fixed, and speed up what can be speeded up. We’ve got to act more decisively, more effectively and more productively. Despite my negative perception of the Minsk agreement, I guess that it’s best to have such option when there are no others left.

Nadiya Savchenko’s meeting with leaders of pro-Kremlin militants in Minsk

If that’s not the protocol meeting, not the one containing some sort of classified information, one can talk through things. But that can’t be called ‘negotiations’ or made some sort of secret, because it will be used against those leading covert negotiations and those talking such high responsibility. If we’re holding negotiations on the political and the state level, the very such fact means we judicially recognize these people as the political figure, a full-fledged side of negotiations. I’d not recommend doing that. But every political figure could have a small talk with somebody else; however, he should remember and remind others it’s not the official meeting. I’d rather be very careful giving evaluations to these talks with Donetsk and Luhansk separatists. They are not independent figures; their patrons are in the Kremlin. So talking to them makes no sense.

Trump’s election for U.S. presidency and U.S.-Ukraine relations

I’ve been in the U.S. recently and I spoke to many political figures, reporters, leaders of public thought and CEOs of the leading media. I reckon Trump, the president-elect, will really become the top-rank official but the democratic apparatus of the United States – the legal structures, the NGOs – have a huge impact on everybody including the President, so the leader of the state cannot solve a question on his own will. As for our relations with the USA, they should be democratic and based on respect for the law. We’ve got to show that Ukraine promotes freedom, democracy and respect for human rights, that the country builds democracy. It’s absolutely enough for normal relations with anyone in the USA, including the newly elected president.                   

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