Election results are verdict not only to outgoing president, but to government, - MP Boyko

Source : 112 Ukraine

The politician is sure that the current parliament should be reformatted as soon as possible
22:42, 21 April 2019

Yuriy Boyko, Ukrane's people's deputy and the member of "Opposition platform" on air of 112 Ukraine, December 13, 2018
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The results of the voting in the second round of presidential election are not just a sentence for the outgoing head of state, but a sentence for all branches of government. This was stated by the founder of the Opposition Platform - For Life party, MP Yuriy Boyko on 112 Ukraine TV channel.

“The current defeat at the elections is a verdict not just to the outgoing president, but to all branches of the government. This is the parliament, which in five years has become a helper to the president and engaged in political ambitions. This is a verdict to the government, which raised tariffs, prices, anything, except to deal with the economy. With this in mind, I believe that parliament should be reformatted as soon as possible. But I think that they will cling to the last, I think that it will not be possible to reformat it precipitately," said Boyko.

He also clarified that the Opposition Platform - For Life will insist on changes in the legislation on elections.

“The only thing our political force will insist is that we will defend changes in the election legislation. Because the majority in the form in which it exists now has become a symbol of political corruption. Now we need to introduce a proportional system. Especially if the outgoing president is going to be in opposition, for him this is also acceptable. Perhaps, we should lower the barrier so that the parties understand that they will go there (to parliament, - ed.) and make a proportional system with open lists - it will be a guarantee that the next parliament will be more responsible to its voters," Boyko assured.

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President of Ukraine thanked those who "found the strength to forgive him for miscalculations and mistakes." This Poroshenko said during a speech in his headquarters after the announcement of exit polls results, 112 Ukraine reports.

"Separately, I want to thank those who have found the strength to forgive me my mistakes and miscalculations and rushed to the attack shoulder to shoulder with our team, as part of our team before the second round. Thank you so much. We just need to keep this unity and this power.  Because it is your support and the support of millions of Ukrainian voters that does not allow me to be offended and stand aside. We definitely need to protect Ukraine,” Poroshenko said.

He noted that "we have not win the battle today, but this does not mean that we lost the war, we have many battles ahead."

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