Eduard Dolinsky: Head of Institute of National Memory delivers huge blow on Ukraine's international image

Author : Eduard Dolinsky

Source : 112 Ukraine

The head of Ukrainian Jewish Committee demands to penalize the spread of symbols of SS division Galicia
10:10, 30 September 2020

Eduard Dolinsky, the head of Jewish community
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The Sixth Appeal Court of Kyiv lifted the ban on the spread of symbols of SS division Galicia as Nazi symbols, and thus, the division is depenalized within Ukraine's legal framework. This way, the court granted motion filed by Anton Drobovych, the director of Ukrainian Institute of National Memory.

Eduard Dolinsky, the head of Ukrainian Jewish Committee opposes Drobovych in this regard. He demanded to penalize this military unit again. MP from Servant of the People party Maksym Buzhansky supported him.

"A pathetic excuse of the SS managed to send SMS, threatening jusdges who looked into the case on the symbols of 14th Grenadiers Waffen SS division Galicia, which is upheld by Drobovych, the Head of the Institute of the National Memory. Dear judges! I'm honored to remind you that not only your honorable parents did not fear those who wore these symbols - they also swept them off like garbage on their way. It's up to you how fast we will make modern Nazi officionados hide in basements again", Buzhansky said, appealing to judges.

However, the MP's eloquent statement was in vain. The court passed the decision, as we wrote. received Dolinsky's detailed commentary on this issue.

Eduard, what's the story?

- It started in 2017, when a reporter of one of outlets wrote a letter to director of Ukrainian Institute of National Memory (back then, it was Volodymyr Vyatrovych), wondering if the symbols of SS Galicia division were the Nazi ones. Vyatrovych said they weren't. That's when the lawsuit emerged, as those who filed the appeal asked to consider the symbols as that of the Nazis.

That actually is Nazi. Galicia vidision was an SS unit led by Heinrich Himmler, the architect of the Holocaust. The process took three years, and the symbols were banned. The court ruled that the Institute of the National Memory should refrain from any further comments on tthese matters. It's worth noting that mr Vyatrovych never showed up at the court hall.

But his successor appealed against this decision, the court granted the motion, and now the Institute of National Memory can freely talk about SS division Galicia being quite Ukrainian, not Nazi military unit.

And what do you think about this decision?

- I feel extremely negative about it; I did not even expect that they (Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance) would appeal. I condemn this court’s decision.

- What's next?

- There will be a cassation. This law suit will not be just ignored.

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- What consequences could this whole story have?

- The image of Ukraine as a country where war criminals are treated with tolerance will suffer. I do not know why Ukraine must be made a refuge for neo-Nazis. Unless it is to support the right-wing extremist groups - C14, Right Sector, National Corps, Tradition and Order. They need a good soil, and this court decision is such soil. After all, you need state funding, certain programs, financing camps for the training of certain “personnel” and so on.

- How did the State of Israel react to these events? Or do they have no idea who Drobovych is and what his claim was about?

- Israel knows very well what the Institute of National Remembrance is and what it does - the glorification of Nazi collaborators. Even the Yad Vashem Institute made a statement about Viatrovych's activities. Not only in Israel, but also other countries pay attention to our events. The state simply does not react to it. And in any case it declares that all this is because of Russia and the shares paid by Russia. In general, anyone is to blame, but not ourselves.

- How will this saga with the courts end? What is your prediction?

- I'm a pessimist. I am afraid that the Institute of National Remembrance will win the appeal.

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