Crimean Platform is a failure and misappropriation of funds

Author : Ihor Valsky

Source : 112 Ukraine

World leaders blatantly ignore the Crimean Platform, and this is Zelensky's failure
15:04, 23 August 2021

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Facebook mercilessly criticizes Jamala for taking from the state $ 12,500 for her speech at the Crimean Platform summit. Yes, the cynicism of what is happening is off the scale, given all the pretentious speeches of the artist about the de-occupation of Crimea earlier. But you need to look deeper – the President's Office threw Jamala under bullets in order to deflect fire from the failure of the Crimean Platform as a whole.

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While the patriotic community writes angry posts against Jamala, Zelensky's Office puffs out its cheeks, focusing on the participation of representatives of 40 states in the Crimean Platform. In fact, the President’s Office is simply trying to hide the failure – they themselves called the event a summit, which means a meeting of heads of state and government, and mostly third-rate officials and diplomats came to Kyiv. From the United States, our supposedly main partner and protector came the Minister of Energy, who certainly does not know at all about the problem of Crimea. What powers she might have - of course, none. He will sign formal documents – that's all.

Merkel, Johnson, Macron, Erdogan - on paper, there are no ardent fighters against Russia - at the summit. How will the signature on the formal declaration of the ambassadors of Australia, New Zealand, Malta, or Cyprus affect the situation with Crimea? No way! As well as the participation in the Crimean Platform of the presidents of Slovakia, Latvia or Estonia.

World leaders blatantly ignored the event, and this is Zelensky's failure.

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Therefore, there is no doubt that there will be no decisions on the basis of the Crimean platform. Legitimny Telegram channel learned that the signing of the summit declaration is expected, which does not carry any weight, except for an informational occasion. And the representative offices of the Crimean platform will not be opened in Paris, London, and Berlin, but in Moldova, Latvia, Georgia, and similar countries.

As you can see, this is just nothing. And they spent tens of millions of dollars for nothing. If you look at the tenders, you will see dozens of different lots for impressive amounts. Legitimny Telegram channel writes that this was done in order not to attract too much attention, as well as to appease all groups of influence in the President’s Office (feed them with tenders, giving them the opportunity to make good money).

Just look at the costly part of media support for the Crimean platform. Almost 250,000 USD for videos and banners. The prices are clearly overpriced.

More than 375,000 USD will be spent on the promotion and advertising of the Crimean Platform, but in reality, as usual, the media will be obliged to broadcast news about the summit free of charge, because the event is of "national importance."

The Crimean platform is a failure and spending money. Zelensky just wanted to feel important in Europe, the host of the party. Indeed, in fact, the president has already tired everyone with his whining and helplessness.

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