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Who will come to Kyiv and what exactly will be discussed? We answer the main questions about a large-scale event
11:15, 20 August 2021

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On Monday, August 23, the first constituent summit of the Crimean Platform will take place in Kyiv. At this point, participation in the summit, according to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, was confirmed by representatives of 40 countries and international organizations.

This event is already called the largest on the topic of de-occupation of Crimea since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

What is the Crimean Platform?

The Crimean Platform was initiated as an international coordinating mechanism to return the issue of Crimea to the agenda, protect human rights in Crimea, and facilitate the de-occupation of the peninsula.

According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, “today, the Crimean Platform is the first unified institutional platform that will operate not once a year, but daily in the office.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky
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Zelensky stressed that this initiative will cover all the most important problems of the peninsula, primarily humanitarian and security issues.

Goals of the Crimean Platform

The co-chairman of the Crimean Platform inter-faction association in the Verkhovna Rada, MP Rustem Umerov, spoke about them in detail.

He noted that the goal is "to consolidate together with international partners on the issue of de-occupation of Crimea and find a common solution on how to force Russia to leave Crimea."

The main goals for today are:

- return of the issue of de-occupation and reintegration of Crimea to the international agenda;

- strengthening the international response to the numerous violations of human rights by Russia in Crimea;

- strengthening security in the Black Sea region and overcoming the environmental and economic consequences of the occupation of Crimea.

"The ideology of the Crimean Platform is to make each topic acute and relevant not only in Ukrainian society, but also at the global level. In particular, the issues of the militarization of Crimea in general are touched upon," Zelensky emphasizes.

Who will take part in the Crimean Platform?

At a briefing on August 19, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba named the full list of participants. In total, according to him, 44 countries and international organizations will become the founders of the Crimean Platform.

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Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova, Slovenia, Finland, as well as the European Council will be represented at the presidential level.

Romania, Georgia, Croatia, Sweden will be represented at the level of prime ministers.

Switzerland and the Czech Republic will be represented at the level of heads of parliaments.

Turkey, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Ireland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Montenegro, North Macedonia will be represented at the level of foreign ministers.

Great Britain and Portugal will be represented at the level of the heads of the Ministry of Defense.

The United States will be represented by the President's personal envoy, member of the government, and the Minister of Transport.

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Norway will be represented by the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The European Commission will be represented by the Vice President, NATO by the Deputy Secretary of State, the Council of Europe by the Secretary General, and GUAM by the Secretary General.

New Zealand, Malta, Japan, Australia, Cyprus, Canada and Greece will be represented at the ambassadorial level.

Crimean Platform Summit Program

Umerov writes that the first part of the summit is official. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Prime Minister Denys Shmygal, Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Dmytro Razumkov, leader of the Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Dzhemilev, heads of foreign delegations and a number of experts will speak here.

After the official part of the country, the summit participants will sign the Crimean Charter. With this document, the signatory countries "will once again confirm the non-recognition of the temporary occupation of Crimea."

The second part of the summit will consist of four panel discussions, which will discuss the following topics:

- policy of non-recognition of temporary occupation;

- militarization of the Azov-Black Sea region;

- ways of reintegration of Crimea through human rights and sustainable development;

- restoration of the rights of the Crimean Tatar people.

The final declaration, which will be signed at the end of the summit, will be open, says Deputy Foreign Minister Emine Dzheppar.

"The declaration will be open, all interested countries will be able to join it. It will record that the Russian Federation is an aggressor country that has violated international law, as well as the policy of non-recognition of the annexation of Crimea and pressure on the Russian Federation. In particular, this document will contain the main accents, describing the consequences of the militarization of Crimea, violations of human rights, persecution of the Crimean Tatars. But the declaration will not be big, it is a political document. The main goal remains the de-occupation of Crimea, but on the way to it we must develop tactical steps. The Crimean Platform is one of them" , said Dzheppar.

According to Zelensky, within the framework of the Crimean Platform, the issue of recognition of the Crimean Tatar national-territorial autonomy should be considered and worked out.

"This is a very important step that the Crimean Platform should take: to study this particular legislation and propose to the President of Ukraine a bill that has already been agreed with the indigenous population of Crimea," he said.

What will happen after the Crimean Platform?

According to Umerov, on August 23, during the summit, the Crimean Platform Office will be presented. He will coordinate all work within the Crimean Platform, as well as daily monitor the situation in Crimea in 4 areas:

- violation of human rights in the temporarily occupied Crimea;

- economic situation;

- deterioration of the ecological situation;

- security issues and the militarization of the peninsula.

The MP stressed that this information "is important for work both at the domestic and international levels to inform our partners about violations by Russia in Crimea, as well as in the context of work in international courts."

What do they say in Russia and Crimea?

An official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova
Russian Foreign Ministry

Russian Foreign Ministry Speaker Maria Zakharova noted that Ukraine should deal with finance and law, and "not park platforms."

And she compared the desire of Ukraine to carry out the Crimean Platform in the current economic conditions with the story from the movie Office Romance.

"In Office Romance Olga Ryzhova says to Yuri Samokhvalov: "Yuri, do you remember how you and I ran away from lectures on finance and law and went to an ice cream cafe? " You still ordered everything so gorgeous, and then you didn't have enough money," Izvestia quotes a representative of the Foreign Ministry.

"Golden words: finance and law must be dealt with, and not platforms," ​​Zakharova summed up.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
RIA Novosti

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called the upcoming Crimean Platform summit a sabbath.

“In a week, another Sabbath will take place - the Crimean Platform, where the West will continue to nurture neo-Nazi, racist sentiments of the modern Ukrainian government,” he said.

"Head" of Crimea Sergei Aksenov said that Ukraine has no opportunity to return the peninsula, and the holding of the Crimean Platform will not change anything.

The Crimean Platform is all designed for the fact that we will drown ourselves. They all understand that there are no plans and opportunities to return Crimea by military means, it is impossible for anyone, not a single country in the world. We have returned to our historical homeland forever, "RIA Novosti quotes Aksenov as saying during a direct line.

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