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In particular, the warehouse and the chemical weapons bunker in Khim Shinshar in Homs province, were attacked.
18:15, 15 April 2018
The CNN television channel has published satellite images from DigitalGlobe and, which demonstrate the extent of the destruction caused by missile strikes by the coalition of the United States, Britain and France on the chemical objects of the Bashar Assad regime in Syria.

In particular, the warehouse and the chemical weapons bunker in Khim Shinshar in Homs province, were attacked with only 29 rockets fired.

In addition, another facility was destroyed near the Syrian capital of Damascus - the Center for the Development and Research of Chemical Weapons. It was fired by 76 missiles, 57 of which were Tomahawks.
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A spokesman for the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Kenneth McKenzie, said that the United States, France and the United Kingdom fired only 105 rockets.

Mackenzie noted that Syria's response to the missile strike was ineffective.

"Many of the more than 40 missiles launched by Syrian anti-missile systems - were released after our missiles hit targets. Obviously, as a result of a coordinated operation, the missiles managed to fly through Syrian airspace without any effective rebuff from the missile defense systems of Syria, "he said.
We recall, on the evening of April 13, US President Donald Trump ordered to conduct the rocket attacks on Syrian territory in response to the use of chemical weapons in the Douma. They were also joined by the United Kingdom and France. According to Reuters, the United States struck with cruise missiles Tomahawk.

After the attack, the statement was also made by British Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron. The leaders noted that the strikes were applied exclusively to objects that are associated with chemical weapons. The Russian ambassador to the US, Antonov, threatened sides with the consequences for striking Syria.

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On April 7, the volunteer organizations reported that the chemical attack at Douma, the East Ghouta took place. As a result of this attack at least 70 people died. The Syrian government and Russia called this information untrue, while the US and allies have blamed Bashar al-Assad for the attack.

Later U.S. President Donald Trump announced about a coming missile attack in Syria and urged Russia to be prepared. Also, the British troops prepare for the operation.

In its turn, Russia’s Foreign Ministry claimed that the missiles should aim the ‘terrorists’. The General Staff of Russia recommended the US and its allies to restore Syrian Raqqa instead of threats.

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