Complicating matters further: Why Trump slows to congratulate Biden as US president-elect?

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US President Donald Trump pretends that nothing happened and "does not notice" the victory of Democrat Joe
10:02, 12 November 2020

After the presidential elections, US President Donald Trump pretends that nothing happened and "does not notice" the victory of Democrat Joe Biden. The White House ordered the preparation of the budget for 2022 to begin, and no one signed the documents on Biden's victory and the beginning of preparations for the transfer of power.

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Biden leads the states, which collectively have 279 votes out of 538. Donald Trump claims that he actually won the election and demands a recount. The president announced the vote-rigging.

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We tell how Trump is trying to stay in office and prevents Biden from starting the preparation and gathering of the team before the inauguration.

How does Trump explain the lack of recognition of the results?

Donald Trump does not intend to voluntarily leave the presidency and claims that his votes were "stolen", and the results are explained by numerous falsifications.

U.S. President Donald Trump

As the main argument, Trump uses evidence that the ballots were received by "dead souls", and some of the ballots were received after the closure of polling stations (in some states this is legal, in some it is not). Now only one state has agreed to a recount. Most of the court complaints by Trump's lawyers were dismissed by the courts due to insufficient evidence.

Republican senators still have not congratulated Biden on his victory, while Republican Majority Leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, said that Trump has the right to challenge the election results. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo believes that when the legal glosses are counted, it will become clear that Trump actually won.

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Trump supporters at the Phoenix protest

It would seem that it is difficult to make a mistake when counting votes by a computer. But the state of Georgia decided to manually recount the votes cast for Donald Trump and Joe Biden. According to Georgia's Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, this is necessary because the gap between the candidates is very small. 49.5% voted for Biden there, 49.2% for Trump. The state must approve the voting results no later than November 20.

Trump's supporters

Biden funds blocking

One of the biggest obstacles is blocking the funds that Biden should use to begin preparations for his presidency, which is at least $ 6 million.

Now a transitional period begins, during which the US president-elect begins to take over from the losing president. Transfers from the previous administration usually take place shortly after the election results are announced.

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In the United States, the General Services Administration is responsible for this process, but so far blocks the allocation of funds for training new personnel and gaining access to the national security system. The president-elect's team cannot even be allocated premises. The administration is headed by Trump-appointed Emily Murphy. It is she who does not sign the document on the allocation of funds.

Biden will collect the White House without budget funds

President-elect Joe Biden said Trump's refusal to admit defeat was embarrassing. He expressed confidence that the Republicans will still be forced to "return to reality" and resistance "will not change the dynamics of the takeover of power.

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Biden's team announced on Tuesday that despite the blocking of funds by the White House, preparations for the future Presidential Administration will begin.

"We will continue to assemble our White House ... and nothing will stop us," Biden said.


A list of 500 people has been published who will work with various government institutions. These people will work with donors within the government to prepare for the process by the Biden administration. The team believes that the work can be completed even without gaining full access.

"The review will help lay the groundwork for addressing specific challenges on day one. The work of the review teams is essential to defend national security, address the health crisis, and demonstrate that America remains a beacon of democracy around the world," said former Senator Ted Kaufman. one of the leaders of the Biden transition process.

Who did not congratulate Biden?

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sterge, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, and many other politicians from around the world congratulated Biden and future Vice President Kamala Harris on winning the election.

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The reaction of Ukrainian politicians was no less stormy. President Zelenskyy, head of his office Andriy Yermak congratulated Biden. Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko boasted of general photos and meetings with him. Seven joint photos were shown by the fifth president Petro Poroshenko.

However, there are a few exceptions. China said it would refrain from commenting on the results of the US elections until they become official. Russia has the same opinion – the Kremlin refrains from commenting as long as litigation continues.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said earlier that he would become the first head of state in the world to congratulate Donald Trump on his victory. However, something went wrong. So far, Mexico, North Korea, and Slovenia have also abstained.

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