Civil society and politicians warned Poroshenko and Yatseniuk of new revolution

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Meddling with fighting corruption and imitation of reforms destroy trust of common citizens and respect of European partners, - activists
11:14, 2 December 2015


The full text of the appeal to Poroshenko and Yatseniuk follows as posted by Mustafa Nayem, Ukrainian MP and activist, on his Facebook page :

"This appeal was created by many authors. But I'm sure most, if not all, common citizens will support it. It's not about our European choice or some loud slogans, it's about our future. 

Two years ago, Ukraine made a historical choice. People took it to the streets, demanding justice and protection of their rights.
During this time we have achieved a lot: we protected our freedoms, we overthrew the dictatorship and made possible the signing of an association agreement with the EU. We held elections, adopted reform laws and undertook revision of the social contract.

For all of this, Ukrainians paid and continue to pay huge price. Naturally, demands of the civil society grew.

Two years ago, we realized that there can be no miracle all at once. We were ready to work hard, to suffer and to sacrifice.
But it is difficult for us to imagine that government officials and businessmen close to the government will continue to plunder the country under the guise of Embroideries, Maidan, or the anti-terrorism operation now.
We can't imagine that bribery of voters and government-hired thugs will remain unpunished.
We can't imagine those responsible for building dictatorship in Ukraine would hold their positions - including judges to members of the Central Election Commission.
We can't imagine that the civil society ceases to be the main partner of the government, and instead the state will ally with the same oligarchs who drained the country under the previous regime. And we can't imagine that key decisions for the country will be accepted in a circle of gray cardinals, guided only by their mercantile interests.

Dear President of Ukraine and Prime Minister!
The society sees and understands everything. People no longer believe your excuses. Corruption fuss and imitation of reforms are destroying the credibility of the Ukrainian society and respect of foreign partners.
You think there is still time. We must disappoint you: the nation is on the edge.
The society's request voiced during the Revolution of dignity is still there. Today, these requirements unite the vast majority of Ukrainians. And every single day of your delay kills chances to return the nation's trust.
We are losing time because of your fault. Rather than to build - to develop the economy, education, science and culture - we are forced to spend resources to fight the system, the one you continue to protect and nourish.

We do not want a new revolution, which you’re unconsciously anticipating. We are ready to take responsibility for the future of our country. Therefore, we do not ask, we demand:

1. Start real fight against corruption. Focus on the upper echelons of power and break the mutual responsibility by appointing effective Prosecutor General, to complete lustration and reform the civil service to European standards.
2. Restore justice. Bring to liability those who plundered the country and led to the violence and killings at the Maidan.
3. Achieve the rule of law. Despite intensively pursued judicial reform and important steps taken in this direction, the society doesn’t feel the certainty of success.
4. Ensure transparency of the government. Carry out the appointments to public positions openly, stop the practice of undercover agreements and the distribution of posts for political quotas in favor of gray cardinals.
5. Voice a clear plan. How do we overcome the economic and humanitarian crisis together, how do we return the Crimea and the occupied territories?

You still have a choice how you make history: the real reformers who sacrificed personal interests for the sake of the future of the country - or those who brought the country to collapse due to corruption and mismanagement".

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