Biden humiliates Zelensky by meeting with Tsikhanouskaya first

Author : Ihor Valsky

Source : 112 Ukraine

Biden meets Belarusian oppositionist Tsikhanouskaya first time ever
17:12, 30 July 2021

Joe Biden/Twitter

US President Joe Biden continues to humiliate an actor who has played for the presidency. The American leader has already held meetings with many heads of state of the world, and yesterday he even received at the White House, Belarusian oppositionist  Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, who does not hold any post. But Biden stubbornly refuses to see Zelensky. And this, brighter than any words and assurances, demonstrates the attitude of the US President to negotiations with the head of Ukraine.

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Tikhanovskaya is still valuable for Washington. With her help, the White House wants to shake Lukashenka in Belarus. Therefore, with this "oppositionist" in exile in Washington, they are worn like a written sack. But Zelensky for Biden is a written-off material. On the daddy with the name Zelensky, the Washington Regional Committee put the stamp "unfit for professional use."

With Zelensky, no one is considered the West. Behind Zelensky's back, Biden and Merkel entered into an agreement with Putin on Nord Stream 2, and the President of Ukraine himself, according to Politico, was ordered to shut his mouth and not criticize the deal with the Russian Federation.

But Zelensky himself is to blame for this. His failed policy in all directions, especially in Donbas, disappointed not only the Kremlin but also Washington. In a commentary to French journalists, Zelenskiy admitted not so long ago that the United States had already lost interest in Ukraine, even despite the fact that it was the current President Biden who oversaw the Ukrainian issue during the Obama presidency and even in the most difficult times bore the title of "friend of Ukraine." Directly according to Vysotsky: "If a friend turned out to be suddenly And not a friend, and not an enemy, but - so".

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Apparently, it finally dawned on Zelensky that no one was going to babysit with him anymore and now all their problems would have to be solved on their own. But with whom to solve them? With idiots like Arahamia, who suddenly declares that Ukraine should have kept nuclear weapons and blackmail the West with them? That will be delighted in Washington, Berlin, and Paris with such a wit of the Ze-team. And they will immediately rush to help us. The idiots in power are the verdict for the country.

On August 30, Zelensky at the White House is not waiting for a friendly visit, but a pretty thrashing. He will be asked for everything. And something suggests that the days of Zelensky in the office are numbered. I'm sure Biden is already looking for a more reasonable governor to this colony.

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We must not allow this external control, this humiliation and shame for our state to continue. As OLE leader Viktor Medvedchuk reasonably says, Ukraine needs to change its foreign course. The preservation of independence and sovereignty should be a priority for the new government, which will come instead of the "quarters".

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