Biden demands from Zelensky to distance himself from Kolomoisky and fulfill Minsk agreements

Author : Vitaliy Zhuravsky

Source : 112 Ukraine

US president called his Ukrainian colleague two days after talks with Putin
09:00, 5 January 2022

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On January 2, Biden called Zelensky at 16:00 Washington time (23:00 Kyiv time). Biden called Zelensky two days after talks with Putin, where Ukraine was the main topic. A symbolic element of the American president's genuine attitude to Zelensky.

If such a call had taken place before the conversation with the Russian leader, then one would think that the Americans adhere to the principle "nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine." And so these are empty words. Unfortunately, Ukraine remains an instrument in the confrontation between the great powers.

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Judging by the statements of Washington and Kyiv, the two presidents approve of Russia's negotiations with the US and NATO, but as for Minsk, only Biden welcomes them. He reiterated the de-escalation of tensions in Donbas and the use of active diplomacy to implement the Minsk agreements and support the "Normandy format".

Zelensky's statement contains nothing about the Minsk agreements.

New topics emerged during the negotiations - reforms in Ukraine and deoligarchization.

Regarding the reforms, according to my information, Biden expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the competition for the election of the head of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office, loyal to the West, was disrupted. The Americans want to lock onto themselves all anti-corruption institutions. And so far they have not been able to do it to the full. It is Bankova that blocks it, knowing full well that under such conditions, corrupt officials from the closest circle of the Ukrainian president will begin to land quickly.

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On the issue of de-oligarchization, the American president, according to my sources, insisted that the Ukrainian president distance himself from the oligarch Kolomoisky. He is under US sanctions. And the investigation into the withdrawal of $ 5.5 billion from PrivatBank by Kolomoisky to offshore has been frozen.

The United States is well informed that Zelensky is only pretending to fight the oligarchs. The only thing he did was frighten Poroshenko. He scared me. Because if everything were different, then the fifth president, after the announcement of suspicion of treason, would not have been given the opportunity to flee the country.

Americans clearly understand that the so-called fight against the oligarchs is a fight to change the editorial policy of the media, which belongs to rich people, and not a fight against a monopoly on the market for goods and services.

Apparently, it is easier for the United States to force Zelensky to comply with the Minsk agreements than to agree to Russia's demand to deprive NATO membership of the states with which it borders, and never to admit countries of the former Soviet Union to this military-political bloc.

If there is no de-escalation in Donbas, the Russia-US-NATO negotiations themselves will be thwarted. For the United States, at least for now, it is beneficial to unblock a peaceful settlement in the east of our country and to testify to Russia that it is ready to compromise.

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This will be a test for Zelensky. After all, since 2020, he has actually renounced the Minsk agreements. It will be extremely difficult for him to explain to society the turn in the opposite direction.

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