Balloons with chlorine could be thrown at Douma by two helicopters from Assad’s airbase

Source : 112 Ukraine

The international experts suppose that not only chlorine but also sarin was used due to the particular symptoms of the victims
16:50, 12 April 2018

The dozens of people died in the result of the chemical attack with the balloons that most likely contained the chlorine in Douma, Syria on April 7. It is supposed that the balloons were thrown from two Mi-8 helicopters from the airbase of the Air Force of Syria near Dumayr as Bellingcat reported.

Bellingcat experts analyzed the information from the open sources and concluded:

  • A large compressed gas cylinder of a type used in previous aerial chlorine attacks was filmed on top of the building where a large number of fatalities were documented.
  • The number of dead bodies that can be established through open source data is 34+.
  • Aircraft spotters reported two Mi-8 Hip helicopters heading southwest from Dumayr Airbase, in the direction of Douma, 30 minutes before the chemical attack in Douma, and two Hip helicopters were observed above Douma shortly before the attack.
  • The Syrian Government has previously been identified as using Mi-8 Hip helicopters to drop chlorine cylinders on opposition held areas.

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The report citing the Syrian network for human rights indicated that there were at least two separate attacks involving chemical agents on the 7th April: one at 4 pm near Sa’da bakery in Omar ben al Khattab St, which injured 15 people, and the second attack at around 19:30 near al-Shuhada Square in Nu’man that killed 55 people and injured 860.

The Violations Documentation Center in Syria also reported on at least two chemical attacks about 4 pm and 19:30.  It is noted that some symptoms prove the use of the chlorine but not also it. Citing the doctor, it is written that ‘only chlorine cannot induce such symptoms – it causes suffocation but does not influence the nerves’. The doctor also supposed the influence of the organic phosphorus compounds of the sarin.

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The experts added that, possibly, the sources of another gas were not spotted at the photos and videos.

On April 7, the volunteer organizations reported that the chemical attack at Douma, the East Ghouta took place. As a result of this attack at least 70 people died. The Syrian government and Russia called this information untrue, while the US and allies have blamed Bashar al-Assad for the attack.

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Later U.S. President Donald Trump announced about a coming missile attack in Syria and urged Russia to be prepared. Also, the British troops prepare for the operation.

In its turn, Russia puts on an alert its formation and Syrian and counts to get coordinates of the possible attacks from the US to withdraw its military.

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