"Army. Language. Latin alphabet". What Ukrainians say on idea to change alphabet

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For the third day, Ukrainians are discussing the next scandalous statements by the head of the NSDC, Oleksiy Danilov, that Ukraine needs to switch from the Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet.
11:25, 14 September 2021

Defense Secretary Oleksiy Danilov
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On the one hand, they say that Zelensky is throwing topics into society that distract attention from really important things.

For example, the unresolved conflict in Donbas, the growth of utility rates, the failure of NATO and scandals with "servants of the people" - such as an accident with MP Trukhin.

Others believe that the intention to romanize Ukraine is a long-standing program of those who dream of cutting off any ties between Ukrainians and Russians. And those ties inside the country too. Therefore, one way or another, they will try to implement it - not earlier, so later.

We collected the reaction of Ukrainians to the idea of ​​the Secretary of the Security Council.

"So they will get to the idea of ​​a world revolution."

MP Oleg Voloshyn is not surprised by the rhetoric of Danilov, a native of Luhansk, and says that he has been trying to copy the style and methods of the Bolsheviks for a year now.

“Surprise that a former Komsomol member, a native of Lugansk, proposes to translate the Ukrainian language into Latin, is expressed only by those who do not know history. Danilov has been trying to copy the style and methods of the Bolsheviks in a parody form for a year now.

In November 1929, the Glavnauka of the People's Commissariat for Education formed a commission to develop the question of the romanization of the Russian alphabet, headed by Professor N.F. Yakovlev and with the participation of linguists, bibliologists, printing engineers.

The commission completed its work in January 1930. The final document proposed three versions of the Russian Latin alphabet, slightly different from each other. From the minutes of the final meeting of the commission dated January 14, 1930: "The transition of Russians to a single international alphabet on a Latin basis is inevitable in the near future." Soon, however, Stalin curtailed the project. And Danilov remembered about him. It is quite logical. So they will get to the idea of ​​a world revolution, such as the Bolsheviks ", wrote Oleg Voloshin.

MP Renat Kuzmin writes that the idea of ​​Ukraine's transition to the Latin alphabet is not new, moreover, the Latin alphabet has already been in Ukraine, for the first and last time - during the German occupation of Ukraine.

In confirmation of his words, he publishes a photo of the times of the German occupation, when the Latin alphabet was already introduced in Ukraine.

It shows German soldiers near the 1-st Komsomolsky cinema in Kharkiv, on the street. Sumskaya, 5. The cinema is signed with the Latin letters Kino.

The official statement of the "Opposition Platform - For Life" political force called Danilov's idea "an idea of ​​a cosmic scale and cosmic stupidity."

“The next delusional statement of the NSDC secretary demonstrates in the best possible way the unprofessionalism and complete inadequacy of a person who got the opportunity to use arbitrariness, through extrajudicial, unconstitutional decisions, to make policy in Ukraine ...

The transition to the Latin alphabet will actually destroy a huge layer of Ukrainian written culture - primarily Ukrainian literature, the legacy of its classics, such as Taras Shevchenko, Lesya Ukrainka, Ivan Franko, Mikhail Kotsyubinsky and many others.

We do not believe that this government is capable of translating the great works of the classics of Ukrainian literature into the Latin alphabet, and to do it efficiently, at a high level, in order to preserve the cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people. Nor is it capable of ensuring the printing and release of modern literary works in the Latin alphabet. And where can one get the considerable funds necessary for this? Today, the government directs budget money to build corruption schemes related to the construction of roads, to evacuate and provide services at the highest level (at the insistence of overseas "strategic partners") to those residents of Afghanistan whom the United States used for its own purposes, and then, in fact, was thrown out for uselessness. The authorities also spend millions of hryvnias on the so-called support of cinema in Ukraine, which consists only in the popularization of neo-Nazis and national radicals.

This means that the result of the decision to switch to the Latin alphabet will be that the entire huge layer of Ukrainian culture will be thrown away and forgotten. It is quite obvious that such a decision pursues only one goal - at any cost to try to widen the gap, to increase the cultural distance between the Ukrainian and Russian peoples, between the Ukrainian and Russian cultures. But the consequence of this will not be the development of Ukrainian culture, but its destruction. The ban on the use of the Cyrillic alphabet in the Ukrainian language is, in fact, a ban on the use of the cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people, which has been created over the centuries by a powerful layer of Ukrainian written culture.

This proves once again that the current government does not create anything, it only knows how to prohibit and destroy. After the objectionable media were closed, sanctions were introduced against dissidents, the free use of the Russian language was prohibited, the authorities did not come up with anything better than to strike at the Ukrainian-speaking population...

... Changing the alphabet is another hype of the authorities in the style of renaming streets, only even more senseless and expensive.

When we hear about the next project by Mr. Danilov, which has nothing to do with state security, one involuntarily recalls the words of the classic, whose books, by the way, have already been banned in Ukraine. You can't say better than Mikhail Bulgakov about people who allow themselves "to give advice on a cosmic scale and cosmic stupidity." Moreover, the Ukrainian government regularly generates such marasmic initiatives. Quite recently, we have witnessed how another "brilliant" idea was proposed - to rename the state of Ukraine ", says the message.

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The head of the financial committee of the Verkhovna Rada, Danylo Getmantsev, trolled Danilov and invited him to consider more Arabic script - in order to be even further from Moscow.

"In the context of the more than relevant topic of transition from the Cyrillic alphabet, I would suggest not limiting ourselves to the Latin alphabet, but also considering the Arabic script.

Firstly, it is even farther from Moscow, and secondly, it is not democratic to consider only one option, but thirdly, you must agree, it is simply beautiful.

Imagine Ukraine - Russia in Arabic ligature. Lovely!" Getmantsev wrote ironically.

Poroshenko did not support this idea either. Although, we recall, it was Poroshenko's minister Klimkin who at one time proposed to seriously discuss the romanization of the letter.

But now something has changed. And the MP Vyatrovich saw the betrayal in the rejection of the Cyrillic alphabet. Namely, it will complicate the Ukrainization of Russian-speaking Ukrainians.

"Rejection of the Cyrillic alphabet will protect us from Russia and bring us closer to Europe" - the main argument of its supporters. However, in reality, a change in writing can play the opposite role - strengthening Russification. In recent years, more and more Russian-speaking citizens are switching to Ukrainian. The introduction of the Latin alphabet will create an additional barrier and stop many of them. Moreover, such a change may provoke movement in the opposite direction - the familiar Cyrillic Russian for many (especially the elderly) will be easier than the unfamiliar Latin Ukrainian."

"Reform of the hyperloop level"

Journalists and bloggers are also discussing the issue.

Strana editor-in-chief Igor Guzhva believes that the transition of the Ukrainian language to the Latin alphabet will intensify the split not so much with Russia as within Ukraine itself.

“Danilov’s idea of ​​translating the Ukrainian language into the Latin alphabet caused a great resonance and seething.

Although such ideas have not been expressed for the first time. The "Latinizers" have even compiled the Ukrainian alphabet in the Latin alphabet.

The official interpretation is to become "closer to Europe". In reality - to maximize differences from Russia (this goal, in principle, is also not particularly hidden).

But the question is that if the Ukrainian language is translated into the Latin alphabet, it will deepen the chasm not so much between Ukraine and Russia, but within Ukraine itself. After all, it is clear that after the translation of the Ukrainian language into the Latin alphabet, the Russian language will remain in the Cyrillic alphabet.

And this will sharply increase the division of the population on the basis of language.

Moreover, given that many Ukrainians are bilingual, the translation of the Ukrainian language into the Latin alphabet may lead to the fact that part of the population will switch mainly to reading in Russian with the usual alphabet. And the consumption of Ukrainian-language content will decrease even more.

This is despite the fact that even now, in those areas that are not regulated by the state, the Russian language dominates. For example, in social networks and search engines.

On YouTube and Google, Ukrainians write their queries more often in Russian than in Ukrainian. And the Russian-language product as a whole is much more popular (according to the trends of the same YouTube), "Igor Guzhva wrote on his Facebook page.

Strana journalist Anastasia Tovt called Danilov's innovative proposal to transfer the Ukrainian alphabet to the Latin alphabet "a hyperloop-level reform" (ex-infrastructure minister Volodymyr Omelyan dreamed of introducing an experimental transport system Hyperloop in the realities of Ukrzaliznytsia, - ed.)

"The Bolsheviks have already tried to translate all the languages ​​of the Union into Latin"

Odesa journalist Maxym Voitenko writes that the idea of ​​the NSDC secretary is not new and has surfaced for the third time in 100 years. The first time was during the formation of the USSR. In 1929, a commission was even formed to translate Russian into Latin, and 5 years later, Stalin launched a reverse process - and all languages ​​began to be translated into Cyrillic.

"On the Latinization of the Ukrainian language. The statement of the NSDC Secretary Danilov caused a mega-buzz and gave the trolls a lot of delicious food. In fact, the idea is not new and pops up for the third time in a hundred years. The second time was after the collapse of the USSR. More precisely, the Bolsheviks planned a future translation of all languages ​​of the peoples of the Union into Latin.

This idea was wildly quoted by Lunacharsky, who was in charge of education. He referred to Lenin’s support of this idea. Whether Vladimir Ilyich was in favor, I do not know, but he certainly was not against. The reasons are the ideology of that time. All this is sung in the Russian version of the Marseillaise: "Let us renounce the old world. Shake its dust from our feet!" And the famous "We will build a new world!"

Monuments to legendary Russian commanders like Skobelev were thrown from their pedestals, teaching of entire historical eras was canceled in schools, and they tried to abolish God. And here - some kind of alphabet.

In a number of cases, the translation into the Latin alphabet was completely justified - if it was about the Muslim Caucasian peoples who had previously used the Arabic script. Still, it will not be easy for a specialist who has come from Moscow or Odesa to understand the oriental alphabet, the Latin alphabet is much easier.

But - we do not know the measures in anything. Therefore, the Latin alphabet with its own specificity was made for SEVENTY languages. Including for languages ​​with history and quite self-sufficient like Farsi and one of the common dialects of Chinese.

At first, the Russian was not touched and left for dessert. In 1929, a commission was formed to translate Russian into Latin. It worked for about a year and presented three versions of the alphabet - with different ways of transferring the letters. The final report was reviewed by Stalin, and he terribly did not like all this. The linguists were not shot outright, but simply instructed to stop working on the issue.

Five years later, Stalin turned the flywheel in the opposite direction - Cyrillization began, and all languages ​​began to be translated into Cyrillic.

If we talk about specifically the Ukrainian language, then we can recall the so-called alphabet war. About 170 years ago, serious ideological passions flared in Austro-Hungarian Galicia - should Ukrainians switch to the Latin alphabet? This led to hellish fights between Ukrainians and Poles and to the strengthening of the local Russophiles, with whom the Ukrainophiles united in the language issue. The dispute reached such heights that it reached the emperor, and he ordered the local authorities to curtail romanization and not touch the Ukrainians. Although a number of sources indicate that the local administration used the Latin alphabet for some time, "wrote Maksym Voitenko.

Political expert Olena Dyachenko is indignant at what the Council of National Security has been turned into, and suggests that the department go further - to abolish the written language as a "relic of dense Orthodoxy" and leave only video.

"Although no. Writing is a remnant of dense Orthodoxy. Abolish writing altogether. Leave only video, so that everyone is on the same level, otherwise now you are criticized by those who are taught to read and write, "she shared on her Facebook page.

But there were also those who supported Danilov.

The notorious journalist Arkady Babchenko said that the Catholic Slavic countries that use the Latin alphabet are hostile to Russia. Whereas states with Orthodoxy and Cyrillic are usually friendly. Therefore, Ukraine should follow an example from the first.

"If Ukraine already wants to leave our brotherly embrace, the slogan should be:" Army. Language. Catholicism. Latin alphabet", wrote Babchenko.

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