After two years in power, Zelensky didn't live up to most of his election pledges

Source : 112 Ukraine

Committee of Voters of Ukraine analyzed how much of the President's key promises were kept and broken within this period
14:00, 24 March 2021


After two years in office, President Volodymyr Zelensky failed to bring most of his key election pledges to life. The Committee of Voters of Ukraine (CVU) reached this conclusion in their analytical report.

The experts looked into public statements by Zelensky that he had made on TV during the presidential race in March 2019.

"According to the CVU estimates, most of Zelensky's pledges were not lived up to. Part of the offers, such as adding the US and Great Britain to the Minsk talks process, in fact, have not proceeded in any way. Some of the promises were addressed, but the results proved different from the expected outcome - such as passing the law on corruption busters. In some areas, draft laws were developed but they are still not adopted (the ones about tax amnesty). Another category includes de-facto broken promises, like striking a deal with the IMF on the freeze of the growth of tariffs", said Oleksiy Koshel, the head of the CVU.

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The list of election pledges analyzed by the CVU is as follows:

1. "We need a Russian-speaking TV channel that would broadcast on the territory of Donbas"

DONE. On March 1, 2020, government-funded TV channel Dom began broadcasting in the occupied Donbas. 

2. "We need to maintain economic growth in our country"

FAILED. According to the Economy Ministry, in 2020, Ukraine's real GDP dropped by 4.2 percent. The inflation rate made five percent. Industrial production and agriculture witnessed declines; the lowering of basic economic indexes began even before the coronavirus pandemic kicked off. 

3. "We need to show the real combat against corruption. You say someone is a corrupt individual; you have evidence, and you bring it to a prosecutor who should look into the case and fine the corrupt person" 
IN PROGRESS. In October 2019, the law on corruption busters was adopted by the Parliament. The mechanism was suposed to work like this: if a person was considered guilty of corruption, the claimant could count on 10 percent from the amount of suffered loss. However, the idea never worked properly; besides, in March 2021, Zelensky vetoed the amendments to the law passed by the MPs.
4. "We offer a tax amnesty. Common people, gastarbeiters, businessmen, small and medium businesses that suffered oppression by law enforcers must be able to work again"

FAILED. The draft laws about tax amnesty have been considered but never passed by the Parliament.

5. "We took the money [from the IMF], and we're obliged to give it back. We have no right to break the deal"

IN PROGRESS. In February 2020, Ukraine paid the IMF 213.6 million U.S. dollars. Within 2021, Ukraine has to return USD 1.7 billion to the Fund.

6. "There's a civilized way to remove the President, it's the law about impeachment"

DONE. In September 2019, the Parliament passed the law on the impeachment of President.

7. "What is this State Administrative Department, with so many enterprises in it? We need these enterprises to be made available for privatization"
IN PROGRESS. In October 2019, first five objects of the State Administrative Department were seized from the government property for the purpose of privatization.
8. "Of course, we should carry on with the Minsk process. We'd like to expand it. It can be transformed. To add the representatives of the US and Great Britain".

FAILED. None of these two countries joined the Minsk talks process.

9. "I also spoke with the IMF representatives, and I wanted to realize whether it's really mattered to them that our people could not pay these tariffs. They don't care about where you get the money; they care about seeing that there are different sources of income. There are several ways to fill the treasury" 

FAILED. In October 2019, Zelensky claimed the IMF's demand was the demand that Ukraine set the market prices on gas consumption. This winter, the prices grew considerably. 

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