In 2014 Ukraine supplied conventional weapons to 19 countries

The last year Ukraine supplied 51 units of conventional weapons to 19 countries, as reported by State Service for Export Control of international transfers
19:38, 7 July 2015

According to the report, in 2014 Ukraine exported 51 armored vehicles, including 23 T-72 tanks and 28 armored personnel carriers, 15 units of aircraft, including 8 helicopters and 6 combat aircraft, 1 amphibious hovercraft "Bizon", 18 rocket launchers and more than 27 thousand firearms.

11 units of T-72 were exported to Ethiopia, another 12 units were sent to Nigeria.

15 units of BTR-3E1 and 2 units of BTR-3M2 were delivered to Thailand, 10 BTR-4ENs were sent to Nigeria, and the US purchased one BTR-4.

6 pieces of heavy artillery 122 mm howitzer D-30 were sent to Nigeria.

5 units of MiG-21 purchased Croatia, while Chad got one MiG-29.

Another 6 Mi-8 were supplied to Belarus and two Mi-24V sent to Nigeria. One boat landing hovercraft "958" ("Bizon") was sent to China. Algeria bought 18 missiles and missile systems, the type of the missile is not specified.

US bought 10.166 thousand pieces of rifles, Canada - 10.4 thousand units,

Czech Republic - 5 thousand units. Uganda - 3 thousand units, Georgia - 100 units.

Sudan was supplied with 830 light and 62 heavy machine guns, the Democratic Republic of Congo got one light machine gun, two assault rifles, one rifle and two pistols, Moldova bought 2 pistols, Peru – 580 pistols.
Germany has purchased 10 units of triggers for man-portable air defense systems (SAMs), Belarus got a portable anti-tank guided missile system.

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