Zalmayev: Washington wants to set Kremlin oligarchs up

Author : Peter Zalmayev

Source : 112 Ukraine

Peter Zalmayev’s comment on the air of the "112 Ukraine" TV channel
12:27, 31 January 2018

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The aim of the "Kremlin Report" is setting these people up, this is a kind of terminal shot. Someone believes that this is not a sanction list; it is just a warning list. Judging from the reaction of the list participants, including those oligarchs who appear in it, we might say that this potential measure is very bitter, considering that all these Kremlin courtiers have accounts in Western banks and send their children to study in Western universities. Therefore, I think, as such a pilot mechanism might become a potentially effective measure, but it is too early to say something about consequences.

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There is American proverb: "Making a mountain out of a molehill". While applying it to the situation, it means that any Russia's response sanctions absolutely cannot meet the American sanctions. Well, name me a couple of billionaires, businessmen, influential people who keep their money in Russian banks, invest a lot of money in the Russian economy and so on. It is absolutely obvious that America's ratio of economic influence simply exceeds Russia in times. Therefore, any talks about retaliatory sanctions cause laughter of bewilderment of Washington.

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It seems to me that it is important to pay attention to the idea, voiced by the Russian opposition, that these sanctions could play the opposite role. The elite might stand together with Putin because of its seeming inconsistency and illogicality. Well, literally all the billionaires, all the top management of Alfa Bank is on the list. It is not clear how scrupulously have the Americans created this list; many are just worried that they are targeting everyone and no one simultaneously.

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After all, the sense of the sanctions was to punish Putin's close associates, who are related to the Kremlin and to the Kremlin’s policy. There is no substantiation for each individual figurant, but we know that the second component of this document is a secret list, where they allegedly give justifications for each individual figurant.

Therefore, this list is another lever of pressure. If the open list does not have the proper effect, then this secret list can be made public.

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