Yanukovych's testimony: Secret truth and outright lies

Author : Valentyn Torba

Source : 112 Ukraine

The story of Yanukovych's interrogation and the press conference shows infantilism of current Ukrainian authorities, and the Kremlin uses it to implement its own script
09:52, 28 November 2016

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Thanks to a press conference on Rostov-on-Don, "hand haycock" and "8 shot Crimean buses" seems to become Internet memes of the level of crucified boy, raped epileptic grandmothers, and edible bullfinches used by Russian propaganda. However, despite all the irony, Ukrainians, judging from their reactions on social networks, have a persistent feeling of disgust. Disgust from the image of Yanukovych, understanding that the events of winter 2013-2014 left more questions than answers.

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The main intrigue was the fact that Yanukovych can say about the current government. His involvement in the bloody disband of Euromaidan is obvious, as the call to enter the Russian troops to Ukraine. Another thing – who were beneficiaries of bloody Euromaidan? Apparently not Yanukovych. But the question remains - was Yanukovych implicated, using the bloody disband in order to just get rid of "dead end" in the system of real leaders of the country, which Donetsk clan represented?

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In "case of Yanukovych" should trace the parallels with the tragic history that touches another former president of Ukraine. On the same against which released the orange Maidan of 2004. '16 years have [assed since the murder of journalist Georgy Gongadze, and the time when the country and the world learned with horror about the "Melnychenko’s tapes" that turns out to be the president can give order "eagles" of Kravchenko to "deal with the Georgian." For many years, the "Gongadze-Podolsky case" has been lasting, but never has Kuchma appear in court even as a witness.

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Kuchma's reluctance to testify in court, in contrast to Yanukovych, who literally asks to hear his impressions suggest appropriate reflection. Of course, Yanukovych is a puppet of the Kremlin. Especially now, when he is in the role of Gypsy bear, brought to people for specific purposes. But at the same time, Yanukovych (the presence of three folders at a press conference clearly implies this) can be a torpedo that would undermine the position of those who came to power after the Maidan, as the power comes from the womb of the old one.

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In this respect, the current government will certainly cling to the image of Yanukovych Ukraine as a traitor. Press conference may be viewed only as his political or personal statement, but it would mean questioning the official evidence, which the court has no right not to pay attention. So the process can go beyond 5 "Berkut" employees.

In court Yanukovych can be accused of providing false testimony. Therefore, if the current government had nothing to fear, Yanukovych could interrogate and "catch" on a lie. Quoted by Yanukovych Engels would not help.

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Therefore, Kuchma strongly wants to avoid involvement in another trial in the "Gongadze-Podolsky case," because then the specific facts can become a specific criminal code provisions and terms. It is the story of the interrogations Yanukovych may be a blow to the already weak point of the new regime.

In general, the whole story indicates infantilism of current government in Ukraine, used by the Kremlin to raise its performance involving Yanukovych, who cannot undermine our statehood from within.

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