Winning a battle: Ukraine's informational and transformational war

Author : Iryna Ozymok

Source : 112 Ukraine

Qualitative changes in Ukraine are a real weapon against Russia - Volker Rühe
13:53, 9 February 2016

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Resignation of minister-reformers, of course, were the main topics in Ukrainian media. This situation further undermines rapidly falling ratings of the current authorities.

Instead, at the international level it is seen as the inability (or unwillingness) of Ukrainian elite to create conditions for real reforms.

In some sense, it is impossibility of new "public management", which appeared on the political and administrative horizon after the Revolution of Dignity.

We have returned from Berlin, where we had meetings with German politicians, officials, media representatives and NGO representatives, who are interested in the implementation of reforms in Ukraine, the role of activists and volunteers in the civil service, and support of donors.

In Germany, the fragility of Ukrainian position on the information front in hybrid war is clearly evident. In particular, at the international level.

The most influential country of the European Union with a strong pro-Russian lobby and poor communication on the part of Ukraine, often raises the question of corruption and new leaders.

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Malicious inner ignorance

In the eyes of the Germans "Ukraine has lost the chance for a qualitative transformation in the state - in the early 1990s and after the Orange Revolution," said one of the speakers of the discussion devoted to Ukraine, organized by the European Council for Foreign Affairs.

Winter of 2013-2014 gave hope to involve new people with no political past, ready to break through the old system reforms. However, today the Germans cautiously take the statements of young ministers and officials concerning resignation.

A huge bureaucratic machine cannot be defeated only by few brave people.

Fights and factitious arrests in the parliament, scandals at the National Council of Reforms, political infighting are a negative message for the international community, both at the political level and at the level of "people to people".

The world trusted in Ukraine, but now it has some doubts...

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No information, no reforms

Progress in reforming the country is difficult to be assessed objectively, especially when the news are very controversial.

German experts appreciate Investment Forum, held in Berlin in October last year. They mark that it was the first time, when German business demonstrated its interest concerning Ukraine. However, the lack of information on developments in the electronic public procurement, deregulation, and reform of the police rather gives the impression that change in the country is not observed. Many questions concerned the civil service reform and judicial reform.

Some of the speakers emphasized on revolutionary approaches to reforming, to finally end the "gangster economy". And everybody highlighted the urgency of fighting corruption.

Therefore, Ukraine should learn a lesson on broaden communication.

"Qualitative changes in the country are a real weapon against Russia," said Volker Rühe, former Defense Minister of Germany. After our departure in Bavaria, where pro-Russian lobby is strong enough, discussions on visa-free regime for Ukraine were held.

Despite the fact that in many intellectual circles there is understanding of the situation in Ukraine, still there is a lack of real messages to the masses.

Investing without corruption

Positive feedback on the reforms in Ukraine did not interrupt the fact that macroeconomic indicators depend on the oligarchs.

Investors are afraid that the accusations of Ukrainian authorities of corruption remain without investigation and punishment.

The judicial system does not show improvement in the proceedings.

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"We cannot allow the failure of this transformation," said Marcus Felsner, head of East European Association of the German economy. He added that investments begin with trading. He recommended Ukrainian business community to establish closer trade ties with German colleagues.

The result of the three-day communication with German leaders is this: holding investment forums and seek for donor assistance is not enough. It is significant to demonstrate that the choice of the transformation of the country is not a populist slogan. It is real hard work, breaking corruption schemes, involving the best experts, providing decent living standards and introduction of effective decentralization (including fiscal). And Ukraine must prove that this choice is already inevitable!

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