Will the October 25 elections become a new starting point for Ukraine?

Author : Olexandr Honcharov

Source : 112 Ukraine

It's time to listen to the smart, but not rich. Unfortunately, this is still not understood
20:44, 23 October 2015

There was no politician, who managed to unite our country, reduce corruption, and turn the crisis into a national evil, a kind of enemy against which the entire nation fights.

US President Franklin D. Roosevelt was able to manage it during the Great Depression. By the way, banks were the main trouble for America in 1933. Millions of Americans were desperate to get back their deposits. So, in his first presidential morning, Roosevelt closed all banks of the country banned all the export of gold, silver, and currency. He explained: "We have problems with the banking system. I declare the bank holiday, but I give you my word that you will get back every cent you put into the pot. Just be patient. This is my request to you."

In four days, only reliable and healthy banks were allowed to work. They were provided with state aid and insurance contributions. However, nearly 2,000 banks had not been opened. But people restored their trust and started again depositing their money in banks. At the same time, Roosevelt has completed work on the country's bailout program. His "New Deal" was the result of brainstorming of the best minds in America. President Roosevelt did then bet on intelligence, believing that the time has come to listen are not rich, and smart. Unfortunately, we have not yet understood.

Maybe, Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk and Hroysman were not able to shake the country, screw machine of the economy, make industry work, which the current crisis pushed for at least ten years? Poverty has come into many homes. However, in the early years of the Great Depression, American family often lived on a dollar a day.

But what is $1 in these years? Is it enough or not? For example, if you want to buy Time magazine, you will have to pay $4, and in those years its price was some 10 cents. And a movie ticket was 20 US cents, as a pack of cigarettes. And the Americans did not spare the money for a movie. The movie used to be a favorite pastime, and the best way to forget about the problems; moreover, in the late 20's - early 30-ies the sound in a movie appeared.

In America, cinema idols appeared - Clark Gable, Fred Astaire, Cary Grant - beautiful, stylish man. Luxury women. They sang, talked about love, cried on the close-up. Number of cinemas in the United States was three times more than the shops. The film industry has become the most profitable business. And even now, the authorities do not interfere into the Hollywood’s affairs; its films is like unspoken secret social demand, remedy for depression. And when will come the same demand from our elite, which now operates Ukraine?!

After all, if you cannot even assure a high standard of living for Ukrainians, then you should at least make a good decisions to preserve stability in the country. Help of the Hollywood is a perfect example of an adequate response to the challenges of the crisis. Why the Dovzhenko studio is unable to meet these challenges? At the same time, the TV reports from different regions, embraced by the election fever the last few days before October 25, are becoming hotter and hotter. In these circumstances, the Cabinet cannot or do not want to take measures to cool the ardor of the most "violent".

So personally, I have no doubt that after this critical point of 25.10, these passions will continue to grow. Accordingly, the well-being of a depleted middle class and, above all, big business (which these days finance the campaigns) are under the threat. What are they expecting for?! Don’t they see the obvious dangers?

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