Why Vakarchuk and Zelensky are running for president

Author : Viktor Nebozhenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

The peculiarity of Ukraine's future presidential campaign will be participation of some exotic politicians, such as singers, pop artists, preachers, writers, athletes and other original personalities
10:54, 21 December 2017

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The peculiarity of the future presidential campaign will be participation of some exotic politicians, such as singers, pop artists, preachers, writers, athletes and simply original personalities, that make Lyashko's tricks just nothing, just innocent pranks. There will be a lot of them, but the Central Election Commission will allow three most original and necessary characters to participate in the election campaign.

One of them is popular among young people Ukrainian singer Vakarchuk, who is now actively promoted as an ascendant political star with no experience, but without the shortcomings. It will be an ex-politician who will grow up before our eyes in some sterile conditions, thanks to the experienced polytechnologists and powerful support of power. Pinchuk-Poroshenko stand behind this politician, almost without hiding.

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The second exopolitician, the candidate for the presidency of Ukraine will be the famous Ukrainian pop actor, star and head of the humorous program "95 Kvartal" Zelensky. He has perfectly played his role in the film "Servant of the People," depicting a typical Ukrainian politician in typical conditions. Now he has only to try himself in real politics. He would be demonstratively pushed into politics by another oligarch - Kolomoisky, who does not hide his hostility to Pinchuk-Poroshenko tandem.

In addition, Poroshenko’s politicians are intensively seeking for an alternative to Tymoshenko; they want to find another women to participate in the presidential election. This will be an analog of the Kremlin project - "Ukrainian Sobchak". Now there is a competition for this role (Lutsenko, Gerashchenko, Bogoslovska, etc.).

But why should the authorities and oligarchs spend their efforts and money to "pawn off" Ukrainians some original exopolitician? There are many reasons for it. Thus, the authorities are trying to turn the election campaign into a carnival, a political talk show that will let avoiding any accountability before the people.

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In addition, the nomination of this three exopoliticians testifies that for the first time in the history of Ukraine the Ukrainian oligarchs do not have a single candidate for elections. Everyone will move forward his own candidate and at the same time swear to the president in loyalty and support in the elections. Nobody wants to repeat the sad experience of Akhmetov, who persuaded all the oligarchs to bet on criminal Yanukovych in 2010, and then spend so much energy on overthrowing him. Nobody wants to repeat the sad experience of the oligarch Firtash, who persuaded all oligarchs to bet on Poroshenko in 2014, who immediately began to redistribute oligarchic property and Ukrainian power. And now they do not know what to do with him. They are afraid that Poroshenko's withdrawal from the political arena may lead to the overthrow of the oligarchic regime in Ukraine. Moreover, every new president turns out to be worse and more dangerous than the previous one. However, President Yushchenko, for example, had little interest in reforms, "prisons for bandits", the fate of Ukraine. He has just carefully raised two future presidents under his wing. His reign remained in the memory of Ukrainian oligarchs as a "golden time" when they could freely plunder the country, paying no attention to either the president or the Ukrainians.

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So now there are two options for the oligarchs. They can either rebuild the political system  from parliamentary-presidential to purely parliamentary, or choose their own (neglecting preferences of the Ukrainian electorate) weak president like Yushchenko and make him a puppet. That is why President of Ukraine Poroshenko and the oligarchs need this three popular exopoliticians: Vakarchuk, Zelensky, and Ukrsobchak. Therefore, the closer we are to elections, the fewer chances has the current president to win the elections. Ukrainian politicians will become convinced that there must be a strong prime minister and a weak president in the country. And as a result, by the beginning of the election campaign we will see in a tandem of, for example, popular Vakarchuk, as presidential candidate, and Poroshenko as a candidate for the prime minister, who will rely on his parliamentary majority. Such a focus has already been made in Russia, exchanging the strong prime minister of Putin for the weak president Medvedev.

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And Zelensky's participation in the presidential company will become a strong counterbalance to the popular Vakarchuk and a good bargaining chip for Kolomoisky in bargaining with real political heavyweights.

So funny and interesting times are ahead. Ukraine has no strength for this fun, no time for those oligarchic experiments. We need a serious and honest reboot of the entire political machine.

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