Why Ukrainians stopped to admire new patrol police?

Author : Tetiana Sviatenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

For more than a year now, Patrol Police appeared in Ukraine. During this short time the cops had time to feel the love and admiration, as well as the burden of responsibility, frustrated and angry citizens
15:28, 20 September 2016

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First, you need to remember that the patrol police are not a panacea for all the diseases of the Ukrainian state. They issue traffic accident certificates, come first to the site, and keep order in the streets.

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From the very beginning, the patrol police has been under scrutiny. Society put great hopes on the young people in a beautiful form. With undisguised pleasure, a huge part of citizens did selfies with the policemen to emphasize the level of confidence to the new cops. Selfie period has passed very quickly. Citizens began to count the first broken cars and the time of registration of the accidents, patrol encountered the harsh realities of street crimes and the large number of road accidents.

The new police have been more and more involved into scandals, social discontent only grew. The number of patrols on the streets significantly reduced. As a result, National Police Office recruited new employees.

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The police claim that the extension of recruitment is not bound by a large outflow of personnel. Not more than 200 patrol resigned in Ukraine, and it is less than expected. At the same time, the police themselves on condition of anonymity say that, for example, in Kyiv there is shortage of staff. It is connected with the fact that many have moved to the top positions in other cities. By the way, this fact was officially confirmed by the heads of the patrol.

The cops note that this is impossible to react to all the calls. The priority are the most serious ones – road traffic accidents, robberies, violence.

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Meanwhile, more and more negative news about the patrol police appear. At first, society was quite easy on the errors of the patrol - an imperfect knowledge of the legislation, a long clearance of the accident, broken patrol cars. 80% of the Ukrainian patrol are came out of the system, these are people who have been at Maidan or ATO, or simply people who believe in what they can change the country. This could justify a lack of experience.

Resonant case of the detention of addicts, when police Oliynyk killed a passenger, has led to many consequences. After this incident, people came to the patrols and asked: “Would you shoot me, huh?”

The Department of Patrol Police says that these and other patrol errors were been analyzed, studied, and on this basis have been developed new methods of tactics.

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Patrol are constantly trained and improved, but we (society) want everything at once. We do not want to wait, we want to have ideal patrol police just now.

But we will continue to monitor the cops, and indicate them their mistakes so that they become better and remember what responsibility they bear. They will be improved and developed, and we hope, sooner or later, we would get the ideal policeman, about which we have dreamed. Because we are still frustrated, if the patrol does not react on our call for 1.5 hours.

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Our police are very offended when they here dissatisfaction and critics. They call these people provocateurs and "agents of the Kremlin."

However, the police leadership should think about something else. We are still upset the aforementioned facts. We consider them an isolated cases. Because when messages about bad work of the police disappear from the social networks, the lost hope for change would be lost.

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