Why Ukrainian society has no chance to fit into European values?

Author : Andriy Holovachov

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Why do we have so many problems with MPs in our Parliament and in other representative bodies? It's all about the difference in mentality! Ukrainians quite often admit the use of lies and violation of the law in their quest for good and justice. Western mentality does not accept this.
23:32, 16 August 2017

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The favorite entertainment of Ukrainian journalists covering the events in Verkhovna Rada is to catch the MPs voting for their absent colleagues, and to spy with remote vision camera for texting on some dexual topics on MPs smartphones.

And if people's deputies have already learned to hide their texting from annoying journalists, then no power in the world can force them to abandon pressing buttons for colleagues.

All the opposing factions blamed each other for millions of times in this, all swore that, “having come to the power, they will stop this practice," but the button-pressing has not disappeared. And the current pro-European coalition does this no less than the previous anti-European power. This new coalition which, according to words of MPs, is trying to drag us to Europe with all its strength!

Can anyone imagine an American senator voting for another absent senator? Or a congressman pressing buttons for another congressman? Have you seen the deputies of the Bundestag running with other people's cards? Or English parliamentarians from the House of Commons? It's impossible even to imagine this!

But why we still see this button-pressing in the Parliament and in other representative bodies? Why can’t we stop it, despite repeated attempts? And why is there no button-pressing in Western societies? It's all about the difference in mentality! Ukrainian society, in fact, only in words is outraged by this. In fact, it is still quite tolerant and does not see this as a great sin if "situation demands to do so."

The Ukrainian mentality was and remains soviet and radically different from the Western one in relation to such categories as "good" and "legal."

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The Soviet-American mathematician Vladimir Lefebvre conducted a special study among American citizens and Soviet emigrants who left the USSR. During the experiment, both were offered to express their agreement or disagreement with each of the following statements:

1. Should a doctor hide from a patient with oncological disease his diagnosis in order to reduce his suffering?

2. Should the offender be punished more severely than the law provides, so that others won’t try to repeat his crime?

3. Is it possible to perjure in court for the sake of the innocent?

4. Is it possible to help a friend with his test during exam?

Questions in disguised form pose an extremely important ethical problem: should we achieve a good result using deliberately unseemly means?

Natives of the USSR, who by no means considered themselves Soviet people, gave positive answers to these questions. The overwhelming majority of Americans gave a negative answer.

This is the whole point of the difference in the mentality of the Western and Ukrainian people!

Ukrainians quite often admit the use of lies and violation of the law in their quest for good and justice. Western mentality does not accept this.

That's why the process of pressing buttons instead of other MPs is just inseparable from our politicians. Because it serves "for good". Well, what if there is no quorum?! After all, it is necessary to approve the law! Doing nothing will make situation even worse!

What if the budget was approved at night with a half-empty parliament?! After all? We approved it! Because good is above legality!

In such an ethical system, the rule of law cannot be built. And the ethical system, as sociologists say, does not change much. Therefore, Ukrainian society has no chance to fit into European values, no matter what slogans it will utter.
You can’t escape from your mentality!

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