Why Ukrainian MPs come to handgrips

Author : Lilia Brudnytska

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During the work of the parliament of the 8th convocation, physical contacts between the deputies could be counted on the fingers of one hand. If we recall the 6th or 7th convocation, there were almost daily incidents
09:59, 22 March 2016

À la guerre comme à la guerre

They have no fear and  just do not comprehend what they do. Otherwise there will be no result. Indeed, the a country is in a war, and a war in parliament is a logical continuation of hostilities in Donbas.

MP (Block of Petro Poroshenko fraction) Serhiy Kaplin in his interview with compared the current parliamentary life with the war: "Yesterday (17 March, on this day there were some brawls in the parliament, which occurred because of the bill on special confiscation) we have witnessed as further proof of such a danger, and I think we will come with more and more precedents. But I have accustomed to it, because I realize that you I am in the area of ​​political ATO. "

This feeling is enhanced by the fact that in the deputy housing there are people that really participated in the war. In addition, the Verkhovna Rada, especially from 2014, is a real battleground for Ukraine. With all the arising dangers. And, as in a real war, internal enemy worse than the outside. "Here anything can happen. Starting from the capture of the Verkhovna Rada and ending with provocations. Some even said that they came with the weapons, a grenade," said Kaplin. The session hall and even the parliamentary committees are dangerous for MPs. Due to colleagues militancy.

In response to the risks the countermeasures were worked out: try not to drive because of provocation, do not walk in dark places, accompany associates who have no protection or cannot afford it.

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Emotional blow

War is war, and the deputies are real people, they do worry about Ukraine’s future, that is why sometimes they have emotional crisis.

The first deputy chairman of the faction "People's Front" Andriy Teteruk believes that the current convocation of the Verkhovna Rada less "pugnacious" than the previous one. He thinks the question of the growth of aggression in Verkhovna Rada is incorrect: "During the work of the parliament of the 8th convocation, physical contacts between the deputies can be counted on the fingers of one hand. If we recall the 6th or 7th convocation, there were almost daily incidents, and the deputies of certain political forces gained special people with fighting qualities. Deputies are just people, they have emotions, and they worry about their job simply. Some of them can better control themselves than others. That is why the deputies fight with each other or emotionally set out their position, or use the materials at hand. I do not support this and I sincerely hope that if there are more such cases, they will have individual characteristic.” Moreover, "the parliament is an intellectual marketplace, so you need intelligence and labor to win."

Usage of force is counterproductive. As suggested by Andriy Teteruk if all the questions are solved by force, the boxing champions will win.

However, emotions expressed in quite conter-parliamentary way, are not always negative. MP Oleh barna (who is out of fraction), recalling an incident in December 2015 with Arseniy Yatsenyuk, stressed that "I made it clear: the demigods mask is torn from them." At the same time "if the deputy so ambitiously supports his law, probably not everything is lost in this country... I am an MP and defend the interests of the state and the voters. When I see the cynicism and it does not work in an amicable way, it will be as it should be."

There is a caveat. Brawl is a great instrument to become popular. How to distinguish the real explosion of emotions from the imitation? It is very simple, says Andriy Teteruk: "If a person starts to “flap” the media, this is just a PR, because he wants to have more attention. If the person understands the shamefulness of the situation, he, on the contrary, will apologize."

Thus, the emotional dangers are becoming not just a political, but rather a behavioral problem, to solve which will help not brass knuckles, guns, but good manners.

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Politeness is safer body armor

The leader of the faction "Samopomich" Oleh Berezyuk draws attention to the fact that the work of the deputy is dangerous, if he defends the interests of the people and not of the state or the oligarchs. But the problem, according to him, in fact, lies elsewhere: "The real work of a professional politician is underestimated, it is not even worth talking about it, because people do not believe that a politician can be normal, defending the interests of citizens and the state."

MPs themselves make this significant contribution to the depreciation. Volodymyr Lytvyn ("Will of the people") complains that if the Verkhovna Rada continue to work this way, the MPs will soon have to avoid walking the streets and hide from people.

The leader of the Radical Party faction Oleh Lyashko said that the deputy should serve as a positive example for the citizens, demonstrate high discipline and responsibility. Therefore, "on the one hand, we can welcome the efforts of colleagues, ready for the sake of the struggle for justice to scratch the eye. However, such non-parliamentary methods do not give honor to people's deputies." He believes that MPs should attend a course of good manners no to harm each other. For example, in a kindergarten.

Joking aside, and self-education of deputies is important, if we consider those important bills that are awaiting consideration in the Verkhovna Rada. For examole, decentralization! The bill on special confiscations still has to pass the second reading procedure.

Running between the cacti

In the West, insurance is popular: life, work, home, health, and even parts of the body. Until the thunder breaks out, Groisman does not cross himself. Although the work of the deputy is dangerous and difficult, parliamentarians reject any hints of compensation "for harm."

Andriy Teteruk believes that the issue is very sensitive and would like to receive a salary in the amount that is put by law, otherwise there is a risk that some MPs fall into the addiction. Volodymyr Lytvyn, rejected the idea of ​​compensation for the risks associated with the work of the deputy. In Ukraine not all the occupations with high risks are highly paid. For example, nurse in phlebology and miners. And talk about it with reference to the deputies means to speculate and cause even more aggression.

Speaking of aggression. The deputies did not rule out that in the Verkhovna Rada there is a threat to hear the bullets. Andriy Teteruk and Serhiy Kaplin told about a hypothetical use of weapons in the parliament. Barna has also mentioned about  real possibility of a shootout. If the government loses its honor, people become cruel.

Fear as the engine of progress, including the parliament

Therefore, the main threat to the deputies are they themselves. And is "bullet" forecasts come true, figuratively speaking, the politicians themselves will click on triggers. So far, fear is holding the MPs in a quite safe framework. And this fear appeared after the second Ukrainian uprising of 2013-2014. The fear is the only reason why the parliament works yet.

Berezyuk notes that if we consider that approximately two-thirds of the deputies are vassals of the oligarchs, this fear causes them to take into account the interests of the people and protects those deputies who have free (from the oligarchs) will. "This is very serious, this has never happened in Ukraine, and it is an element of progressive development," says MP. Fear precedes mutual respect, which occurs when all realize that it is mutual respect for effective protection rather than the fear.

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