Why Ukraine's population data show death rates exceed births

Author : Andrey Kokotiukha

Source : 112 Ukraine

Ukraine's writer believes it's Ukrainians' own fault that mortality rates are that high
16:30, 20 November 2018

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The mortality has exceeded the birth rate almost twice in Ukraine during January-September 2018, Ukraine’s State Statistics Service reported. This is not funny at all: Ukrainians post in social media about the rapid population decline. Traditionally, they blame the current government and local authorities. However, the current Ukrainian authorities are not responsible for it! Of course, it could change the situation for the better, but…

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When I switch the TV, I often see that numerous news outlets call on collecting money for medical treatment of some seriously ill Ukrainian, adult or a child. I might be wrong, in Europe or America, no one is begging money for treatment through media. In developed countries, each patient has a chance and hope. Ukrainians do not have such a chance, even if they live in big cities, where there should be an alternative to the ruined state medicine (I mean, they might apply to private clinics). Still, rich Ukrainians prefer to improve their health abroad.

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However, I would like to acknowledge: the sad data by the State Statistics Service are not detailed. Low-quality medicine and the lack of poor citizens access to the basic services explain the dominance of mortality over births. And here we confuse the nuances. Because State Statistics Service did not name the causes of both high mortality and low fertility. So let's try to outline them.

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Can we blame poorly funded medicine and expensive drugstores of the fact that most Ukrainians mostly neglected their own health? Buying goods at spontaneous markets, living in places with the polluted environment, overtime work – these are our realities. This is how the people lived before the Maidan and the situation did not change. Not only because of the power brought the country to "impoverishment," but also because the majority of citizens do not want to change themselves.

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Do not forget about the war and the mass deaths due to the car crashes. And the war is not in the first place here. Car accident mortality is higher than in the zone of hostilities in Donbas.

Finally, the baby boom would not happen in the near future, at least through the general awareness that in the last quarter century Ukraine resembles a wild forest, a jungle. And it is necessary to survive somehow in these unfavorable conditions. Against predators - the owners of these jungles. Our security, our health, and our lives are in our own hands.

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