Game over. Why Putin lost to Germany?

Author : Taras Berezovets

Source : 112 Ukraine

Germany has announced Russia its rival; this decision would influence France, the outpost of Russian policy in Europe - Berezovets
14:07, 10 June 2016

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Germany has updated edition of the White Paper, the National Security Policy of the country. "Russia is no longer a partner, but a rival", as noted in the document.

Germany is one of the most conservative countries in Europe and worldwide. Any changes of foreign policy are very slow here. Germany meets one of the Russian proverbs: measure twice and cut once. Germans are scrupulous in relations with all states. If they change their doctrine and struck a country out of the buddy list and announce it as a rival, this must be Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

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The decision was made two years after the start of the war in Ukraine and under circumstances created by Russia itself. For historical reasons, German business and elite are pro-Russian. Germans have become reliable allies of Russia in the days of Boris Yeltsin. With Putin’s ascension to power their partnership has strengthened.

But Russia has forced Germany to change its foreign policy, initially aimed at cooperation with Moscow. German Chancellor Angela Merkel had no other choice; she was forced to change the Kremlin-oriented vector. German business remained a major lobbyist for the resumption of relations with Russia. Moreover, German businesspersons now promote the idea of ​​resuming the status quo in relations with Moscow.

Cooperation with the Germans is critically important for the Russian economy, for the energy and transport sectors. Russia’s gas production depends on cooperation with German companies. For example, Siemens company, in fact, is an irreplaceable manufacturer of gas electric turbines. Russians faced the fact that, without German technology they cannot launch the Simferopol and Sevastopol thermal power plants (situated in Crimea, ed.).

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In addition, such step of the official Berlin could be the consequence of the prolonged pressure of German intelligence. Federal Intelligence Service of Germany is closely related with the US. Intelligence Service has prepared for Merkel a sensational report on the role of Russian special services in case 13-year-old Russian-German girl. Perhaps it was the last straw for the German Chancellor.

Germany has announced Russia its rival; this decision would influence France, the outpost of Russian policy in Europe. France would also have to adjust its policies.

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The consequences of changing German doctrine will be long-playing. They are very beneficial for Ukraine. In addition, the responsibility for it is on Putin and the Russian security services.

Russia did not expect this. We can say that it is Putin's loss. He has always been proud of German language fluency and the special relationships with Germany. His defeat on the German front is something very delicate for Putin. Putin acts aggressively, when he is hit. In this case, we are talking about propaganda and the security services in Germany.

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