Why "public activist" became a profession in Ukraine?

Author : Andriy Holovachov

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In Ukraine, there is still no society, but there is a Soviet community, which differs from civil society of the Western type in that it functions only on a paid basis
22:12, 14 March 2017

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In Ukraine, after the first Maidan, and especially after the second, a new, somewhat risky but promising kind of profession emerged. It is called a "public activist". You won’t find it n the Ministry of Social Politics classifier, but the profession exists and provides a good income for many enterprising people. There are also some problems in this profession, but only if you are too zealous performing your professional duties.

Public activists exist all over the world. But the specificity of Ukrainian activists is that they are not, in fact, public. Because they do not represent anyone, except for themselves. Any activist, in fact, is an impostor, when he declares that he represents the interests of the whole society or some part of it.

The biggest proof that all Ukrainian activists do not represent anyone and act solely in their own selfish interests, as they say, at their own risk, is the fact that if an activist gets in jail or in simply difficult situation with authorities, society will never intervene. To the society, all activists are the same, and it knows their price.

When the activist and "the main patriot" of the country Gennadiy Korban was arrested, no one even lifted a finger to intercede for him. Therefore, Korban himself was forced to negotiate with the authorities and to stop his social activity. Nobody cares about fighters against corruption, like Kasko or Leshchenko. If the authorities jail them, than except the West, no one in society will help. Nobody will stand with placards if the authorities arrest, say, Semenchenko. Except the Amnesty International, no one else was concerned about Kotsaba and all the other prisoners of conscience.

Authorities can safely jail any journalist, blogger, volunteer, ardent fighter against corruption, a patriot, a lustrator, a deputy, etc. Without any fear. Nobody will stand up for them. They’ll just wait a couple of days and forget. And the authorities have already dealt with dozens of such.

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Who will intercede, say, for the activist Mochanov or Sobolev, or Montyan, or Balashov, etc.? No one! People don’t care. These activists do not represent anyone. They are self-nominees. An activist can rely only on support of the West, if the latter finds it profitable for itself, as a factor of pressure on Ukrainian authorities.

There is no connection between the so-called "public activists" and the society for the simple reason that in Ukraine the society itself… doesn’t exist yet. Therefore, "public activists" in Ukraine are private individuals who do not represent anyone and play the role of activists at their own risk. These are all, as a rule, adventurous players, seekers of quick benefits associated with risk.

Moreover, the more activists are cut off from the masses, the more active and even more aggressive they are. An example is the entire Georgian group of "activists". Foreigners are always twice as active and enterprising as the locals. We saw a lot of examples.

Another proof that all activists do not really represent anyone, except for themselves, is the Maidan. All those activists who were able to convert their personal activities into positions, immediately left their dangerous work, forgot about the society, entered the army of officials or politicians and quickly began to improve their financial situation. Most of them are very successful in this. There was no connection between them and the society from the very beginning. They did not represent anyone; no one chose or empowered them. They fought for their own interests.

In Ukraine, there is still no society, but there is a Soviet community, which differs from civil society of the Western type in that it functions only on a paid basis. Whether on the money of the state budget, or on the sponsor's money - local or Western. And for free, for our joint common interest, we are not ready to work. Have not grown for this yet.

We saw an interesting response to the president's offshore scandal. The society was silent, because there is no society, no one came to the square, as people in Europe do. Public activists, of course, shouted, and the public did nothing, because did not received their pay.

If there would be an instruction from the West, and money would be allocated, then the public would be concerned about the president's accounts in Panama and would organize a rally in front of Presidential Administration. But nobody wants to work for free.

Foe free we can’t even organize the blockade. Therefore, the authorities began to calmly disperse the trade blockade in Ukraine, without fear of the reaction of society.

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