Why killer of police officers in Dnipro is dangerous new criminal type

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Both Pugachov, and similar individuals actually not only discredit volunteer battalions and each real hero of our front-line, but also pose a threat. Once a critical mass of Pugachovs will exceed the number of real defenders of Ukraine. And then in the public consciousness all veterans of war will be criminalized
20:30, 26 September 2016

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The death on duty of police officers Olga Makarenko and Artem Kutushev for a while made the society forget about the tragedy in Kryve Ozero, where police have shown themselves not as heroes. But this incident reminded the story of the murder of 17 years-old BMW passenger Mykhailo Medvedev by the patrol policeman. At the beginning of the year this  tragedy has divided Ukrainians in two parts. Part of the society demanded to arrest the policeman Sergiy Oliynyk for unprofessional actions, and at the same time put a distressing diagnosis to the new police. Other part, on the contrary, recognized the legitimacy of actions of patrol policeman – there were drunken young people in the car, later police found there drugs, and drunken junkie driving the car is a criminal in any civilized country.

As of today, Ukrainian police officers are facing a difficult choice. The difficulty is that any their decision will be negatively apprehended by Ukrainian society. If they would open fire on defeat on the criminal who resists, they will be accused of unprofessionalism. But if they would hesitate with use of weapon – they will hear in their address the same. So now most objective assessment of the tragedy in Dnipro looks like this: patrol policemen behaved correctly, refusing to "solve problems" with the offender on the spot, while at the same time they did not entirely correctly assess the situation.

Later, commenting on a video from the scene, experts recognized the killer as more trained person than both police officers, he immediately began to bring them to favorable for him position, actually – to put Olga and Artem on the firing line. Later patrol policeman Kutushev during the battle took the initiative and shoot the attacker, which ultimately helped to catch the murderer on the same day. Figuratively speaking, the police walked along his bloody footsteps. But the bus driver Valery Timonin who tried to block the shooter and also came under fire, oriented himself even better and faster than patrol police. Because a man who suddenly became a hero didn’t care about how will comment social networks on his actions. But the police should pay attention at all people and act under pressure.

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Especially the pressure is felt when they come into conflict with combatants. In each case, the policemen are alone with perturbed social networks. If the killing of 17 years-old Medvedev still finds justification in society, in conflict with the man in camouflage public opinion will not be on the side of police officer. And groups of people's deputies are always in readiness, who will immediately declare from the parliamentary rostrum on harassment of passionaries.

We are talking about Olexander Pugachov, the killer of Olga and Artem. Law enforcers found his certificate of combatant, and Pugachov, a native of Russia, earlier served in the battalion "Tornado". Now some of its fighters are suspected of crimes against humanity - but most suspects pleaded not guilty, because on their side are social networks. More than once has been written and said that the war is a place not only for heroes with pure hearts, but also for criminals. After all, the camouflage and / or identification of combatant today can cover even more than the deputy immunity.

And this the criminal, semi-criminal and simply dishonest element could fully enjoy. It is already known that Pugachov got his certificate after he was declared wanted. More precisely - in November 2015, almost a year ago. What did he do and what criminal acts has he committed under the cover of such a document, the investigation should find. But this precedent with Pugachov is, unfortunately, not unique. In his person, we have a new type of criminal. This is a person who can have an indulgence in the form of fighting participant status. And in most cases, the status is not false: this man really was on the front.

Both Pugachov, and similar individuals actually not only discredit their battalions and each real hero of our front-line, but also pose a threat. Once a critical mass of Pugachovs will exceed the number of real defenders of Ukraine. And then in the public consciousness all veterans of the war will be criminalized. That would be very reluctant. So at least combatant’s certificates should not be issued to just anyone. And we should punish those who do this.

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