Why income and asset declaration can't be introduced in Ukraine soon

Author : Olexiy Doroshenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

Since we are going in line with the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement, the state should have all the financial information regarding its citizens
14:10, 16 May 2019

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Danyil Getmantsev, the head of the economic block of Zelensky’s team, began to open the veil over the economic policies of the newly elected president. And one of the points is the universal declaration of income of Ukrainians.

Since we are going in line with the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement, the state should have all the financial information regarding its citizens in order to make the payment of taxes transparent and inevitable.

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And besides, it will be possible to see which support a person receives from the local authorities and the state in the form of vouchers, travel, etc. That is, it will be possible to make a balance between each person and the budgets of all levels.

But there is one catch... In order to reach a working universal declaration of income and expenditure, we need to go a long way. Imagine that we have passed an appropriate law that will oblige every citizen and provide for large fines for failure to file a declaration. In this period, 15 million Ukrainians would fill in their declarations.

The main question is how many people live in our country? We have got used to the number of 42 million population, which is long gone. In 2020, the State Statistics Service will hold the first census since 2001.

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Most likely, we will receive data on 32-36 million citizens of all age categories - from newborns to pensioners. The processing of census data will continue for a long time, and we can get complete reliable information on each citizen only in 2021.

I want to remind you that when the conquerors came to our land, or representatives of the Moscow kingdom came, the first thing they did was a census of the population, houses, and cattle.

Now, each state and municipal structure relies on its own database: the Pension Fund, the State Statistics Service, the State Border Service, the Ministry of Justice, the Social Security Service, the Central Election Commission. But the last elections have demonstrated that there were almost no “ghost voters” in the voter register, still many real ones could not find themselves on the voters’ lists.

That is, a complete picture could be obtained only after a nationwide population census and the subsequent comparison of data with each state structure that records the individual actions of citizens. That is, in 2022.

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When processing data on the population of the country, it is necessary to provide separate conditions for those citizens of Ukraine who permanently reside in the occupied territories of Crimea, Donbas, and Luhansk region and do not have the ability and need to declare their property, incomes, and expenses. And it is also a difficult task to separate such citizens. I will designate the complexity of filling out declarations and many slippery moments. As a person who has been filling out a declaration for several years, I can say that it is not easy, even if you work with legal documents every day.

Summing up everything, I will say that universal declaring is a task that could be started to be implemented in some 3-4 years. Today it is just impossible.

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