Why Hungary falls into geopolitical childhood, when recalling Ukraine?

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Although Ukraine doesn't prohibit either Hungarian language or education in Hungarian, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban argues that Ukraine will "suffer in the future" because of its law "On Education"
20:31, 27 September 2017

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The world is going crazy. In response to the signing of the new version of Ukrainian law "On Education," the Hungarian Foreign Minister stated that "Hungary will block and veto any step of Ukraine on the way to further European integration."

It seems that many of our neighbors and partners, recollecting Ukraine, fall into some deep geopolitical childhood, and are sure that in any matter, we first of all need to take care of their interests and only then remember our own.

For those who don’t understand: Ukraine does not prohibit the Hungarian language. Ukraine does not prohibit education in Hungarian. We just politely ask not only to teach the Hungarian language, but to know and teach also Ukrainian. That’s all. And these words are not the justification,  but the explanation. In other matters – welcome and let’s discuss them.

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is generally expressed as a teenager: "We guarantee that Ukraine will suffer in the future." What kind of hysteria is it in the spirit of "the war will come – you’ll ask for bread" ?! And with all due respect to Mr. Orban, who told him that he can decide what the EU map should be, who can be there, and who can’t?

Apparently, our Hungarian colleagues forgot that Ukraine is still the only country on the continent, whose citizens physically paid lives for their choice. The reaction of Mr. Orban differs little from the indignation of Russians who do not understand why we prohibit entry to Ukraine for those who by naivety violated laws and the Constitution when crossing the state border in Crimea.

Deep inside, I'm a cosmopolitan, it's hard to blame me for any chauvinism, but, friends, it's time to get used to the thought that this house has its traditions, laws, Constitution, its wounds and pain. And yes, all have to take this into account.

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