Why FSB continues to imagine new “Ukrainian terrorists” in Crimea?

Author : Bohdan Petrenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

Kremlin understands that Russia has got a temporary carte blanche to defend its interests
13:38, 11 November 2016

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FSB continues to imagine new and new “Crimean terrorists.” Another "Ukrainian subversive group" was detained in Sevastopol on 9 November. Their task was shares at military infrastructure facilities and livelihood of the peninsula.

Perhaps, we should start from the home. The presence of Ukrainian CRG in Crimea is dubious information. Especially given the lack of a real strategy for the return of the peninsula under the control of Ukraine, Crimea reducing our presence in the information space and the statements of representatives of the authorities.

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Actually, this is not the first "Ukrainian CRG". In August, in Armiansk, another group was detained.

In fact, it says that the Russian government once again uses its favorite skate - the fear. It purposefully reorienting attention to socio-economic problems in the basic needs of society - security needs. It is not possible to form a pro-Ukrainian views in Crimea, especially among the apolitical masses. This is not a jingoistic statement. Every society after the revolutionary changes (when the harsh reality breaks the dream of rapid improvement) is having a nostalgia for the past. So it was with the Bolsheviks, so it was after the collapse of the Soviet bloc, it is even seeing today in Ukraine.

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Last month, the problem of drinking water once again exacerbated on the peninsula. Thus, in the Soviet region in connection with the fact that water level drops below the normal marks (actually its absence in wells), was introduced emergency at the municipal level. According to the Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, today stocks on the peninsula would be enough for less than half of its residents. This is indirectly confirmed by the statements of the collaborative authorities that have already announced that next year people will pay "reasonable cost" tariff for water - 45 rubles per cubic meter.

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Why "Ukrainian CRG" became more active today? Because the Kremlin understands that it has got a temporary carte blanche to defend its interests. Until there is a change of administrations in Washington regional committee, it will strengthen its position in the occupied territories. Including through the demonization of Ukraine, which, according to Putin, has "turned to the tactics of terror." Moscow - this is not Kyiv, which will be constantly waiting for "the right moment".

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Therefore, it is not surprising that all the economic failures of the Russian Federation, the tariff burden on the population will be borne by the "Ukrainian CRG activity." Do not be surprised when the Kerch bridge will be destroyed by the "artificially directed" sea wave, sent from Ukraine’s Berdyansk. Under the guidance of American instructors from geological weapons.

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