Why do Ukrainians buy medicines instead of cars?

Author : Olexiy Doroshenko

Source : 112 Ukraine

Not all Ukrainians are even provided with food products, housing, communal services, and medicines, that is, the needs of the lowest level
23:21, 13 November 2018

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Looking at the Ukrainian structure of retail you can always understand what is happening in our country. Numbers are more convincing than the politics from the TV screens. The Association of Suppliers of Retail Networks analyzed sales of non-food products in the structure of the retail turnover of enterprises in Ukraine. The study period includes the years 2008 - 2017, that is, the last 10 years. The share of expenses of our citizens on food products is 40%, and on non-food products - 60%, and the figures we give are shares of the total retail sales of products and goods. But this statistic does not take into account the trade that goes through individual entrepreneurs.

In 2008, the leaders in sales sphere were cars and automotive products, on which Ukrainians spent 18% of their money. 11% was spent on gasoline, less than 5% on diesel fuel, 5% on pharmaceutical products, 4% on building materials. Audio and video equipment were marked by 3% of expenses, household appliances - also by 3%, perfumes and cosmetics - by 2%, household chemicals - by 1.2%, shoes - by 1% and computer equipment - by 1%.

In 2017, after ten years, pharmaceutical products with a share of more than 9% are sales hit. That is, over ten years, these products have almost doubled their share. Cars and auto products have reduced their share more than two times, and account for 8% of retail sales. Gasoline has also reduced its share almost two times and accounts for just over 6% of retail sales. The cost of diesel fuel has not changed. Significantly more than before, Ukrainians began to spend on cosmetics. For 10 years, this group has increased its share twice, and toiletry makes up 3.5% of еру turnover. Ukrainians are building and repairing less, as in 2008 such goods accounted for 3.9% in the turnover, and 3.5% in 2018. We began to spend more on consumer and audio/video electronics, which increased their share by 0.5%, amounting to 3.3%, and by 0.2%, amounting to 3.2%.

It should be emphasized that over ten years, the share of gas for cars increased 2.5 times, and its part in 2017 reached 2.3%.

Sales of clothing have increased almost 2.5 times, and their share is 2%. We began to buy three times fewer books, newspapers, and magazines. So, in particular, in 2008 their share was 0.9%, and in 2017 - 0.3%.

Statistics show that Ukrainian society is sick, both in the direct and figurative senses. If you explore Maslow's pyramid in Ukraine, it turns out that not all people are provided with food products, housing, communal services, and medicines, that is, the needs of the lowest level. Everything else, namely the need for security, socialization, the need for respect and expression, could be gained only the next generations.

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